Lucky man rescued from the clutches of death (5 Photos)

  • Rémy Kempkes

    True heroes

    • Impressive

      Best of the best

    • robin

      Great to see first thing in the morning. Thanks Chive.

    • bubblerider86

      It saddens me that Real Life/Everyday Heroes get no recognition, while people like Justin Bieber or The Kardashians get paid exuberant amounts of moolah to be annoying and (literally) show their ass. Oh the world is tragic.

      • Firefighter23

        You're exactly right. I don't get paid at all. Of course I knew that when I signed up but still. When a celebrity dies the nation morns but when a cop, firefighter, EMT or soldier dies they become a statistic.

        • Lisa

          Firefighter23, for the sacrifices you and your family make, every day, just so you can do your job, thank you. My Dad was a volunteer fire fighter/EMT for 16 years. I know what it takes out of a family. The birthday parties he had to leave, the things he saw, the people he was able to save, the ones he couldn't, the late night/early morning calls, the hours my Mom spent waiting up for him to come home from a fire/accident. Truly, thank you. It means the world to me. KCCO hun. KCCO. πŸ˜‰

          • Firefighter23

            Thanks Lisa πŸ™‚

            • Lisa

              You're welcome hun. It really does mean the world to me. πŸ˜‰

            • Penis Wrinkle

              I think you're in Firefighter23…she wants a rimmer.

      • Penis Wrinkle

        Want a rimmer?

        • Lisa

          You do realize that you are in fact an asshole right? I don't care if you are…this is just the internet and it's all for fun anyway…I'm just saying it's important to be aware of such traits in ones self. {shrug}

          • Penis Wrinkle

            So…um, er, uhhh…is that a yes? C'mon, all lesbians dig the rimmer.

            • Lisa

              It's a "no" PW.

              Also, as it happens, I'm not a lesbian. Of the two genders, it's men that get my motor running. πŸ™‚

              If I was a lesbian, I'd embrace it…but my brain just isn't wired that way. Such is life. πŸ˜‰

              • Penis Wrinkle

                The quote marks are throwing me off…it's almost like a theoretical "no".

  • Charlene 'Danger' Gracia

    #5 *tear*

    • stian

      indeed… very moving..

  • myself

    And they got him down with his glasses. It's sad in my area that firefighters get such shit pay for what they do.

    • Chesterdrawers

      Yea 35 grand a year to wait for something to catch on fire. Whew, you're right they need like 20 mil a year genius…

      • dochandy

        i'd like to see you go willingly into a fire to rescue people (and animals). fucking douche.

      • Mike

        Say what you want, but when your house is burning down around you with no way out you'll be wishing you could trade all the money in the world for them to get to you.

        • chesterdrawers

          enter benny hill music…

          • Ken

            Fucker! Now that jingle is stuck in my head!

      • Ali

        My husband is a Fire Fighter and after taxes, he makes $25,000 a year. Fire Fighters don't just respond to fire calls, they are also sent to all 911 medical calls as they can get there before an ambulance. My husband goes on an average of 7-8 calls/day, not to mention the time it takes to write up reports. Don't forget too that they work 24-hour shifts, meaning they spend a LOT of time away from their families. Should they be getting paid 20 million dollars? No, you're just being an idiot. Should they be getting paid enough to adequately provide for their families? Yes. Don't spout random ideas, it makes you sound ignorant.

        • Emily Celeste Gosling

          Damn, go Ali! πŸ™‚

        • Ken

          Oh quit your complaining! Most firefighters work in 24-hour shifts, reporting to work at 0700 and work until 0700 the next day. Firefighters work a total of 56 hours per week, but since these hours are worked on a continual basis, firefighters enjoy a lot of time off! Typically 20 days each month are spent off-duty. And let the thumbs down begin!

          • Bella

            I hope that one day you have your house on fire and that you have time to remember your stupid comment about how many free hours they have….stressed job, full of danger…yes they deserve to have more free days than an office job person…oh yes maybe you have a desk job so you don't know the feeling of saving a life!

          • Clarity

            You're right Douche….er Ken…and on those "off days" they generally spend them working their second jobs because the first pays shit.

            Get Bent.

            • xrt

              I work for Milwaukee Fire, and I don't know a singe firefighter without a second job!

      • CaptainWOW

        You sir, are an idiot.

      • McBoogerballs

        We do more than just fight fires asshole. Vehicle extrication, search and rescue, disaster relief, community education, building inspection/code enforcement, hazardous materials response and containment, constantly training and pre-planning, many departments also require firefighters to be an EMT or paramedic and provide ambulance service. 75% of this country's firefighters are volunteers and don't even get paid 35k, but they still take the risk of possibly losing their life for the sake of others like you who don't appreciate what we sacrifice. So think before you speak, I don't come to your cubicle and insult the way you earn your living. Dick.

    • Max

      chesterdrawers …you're a douchebag …I've been a volunteer firefighter for 22 years…puting my life on the line everyday…never ever EVER asking to get paid…not counting the hours of training to know how to save your sorry ass without getting ourselves hurt too….you sir are a jackass

      • chesterdrawers

        No, you're a towel… Anyone other than fireboys and their wives want to chime in here? All I'm saying is fire and cops are the ones always spouting off how they are heroes and they want more money and the rest of us with just as important jobs just roll their eyes and go back to work…

        • Adam

          No need to argue Chester. The verdicts in and you're a certified douche! I am not going to wish any harm on you, but it would be poetic if you're punk ass was trapped and needed these fine individuals to come save you. Until then, remove your head from your ass and show a little respect! You might just make a friend one day!

        • vvv

          Your jobs are just as important? ha. I am not a firefighter, and don't plan to be one.
          But we have normal, safe jobs where we go about our business earning money…. Most of us have minimal risk, regular hours and simple tasks AND most of us earn more than firefighters and cops (at least I do)
          They, on the other hand, risk their lives to save other lives, have huge shifts where they have to be prepared, mentally and physically, they could die each and every day and they earn relatively small amounts.
          I am not saying they should earn millions, but they do deserve a lot more than they get.
          You are just being an ignorant douchebag right now, not knowing what you are talking about.

        • CaptainWOW

          Seriously, shut up. I'm not a firefighter or a cop, though I do have friends who are cops.
          Your ignorance is staggering. I'd be curious to what you do that is "just as important" as being a police officer or cop.
          Suitable responses include, but are not limited to: Paramedic, ER Doctor and/or Nurse, Life Flight Pilot, Soldier, Clandestine Services and/or Federal Agent, Prison Guard, Border Patrol.

        • Max

          yadda yadda yadda…turns out you're the only one with that opinion….come back to see me when you pull a child's limp body from the gates of Hell…and feel the sense of accomplishment when they take their first breath of fresh air without assistance because it was your astounding efforts that brought them back to life….I've been there…and I'd risk it all again tomorrow…case closed

          • chesterdrawers

            I have saved two drowning children in my life Minimum, you assume so much.

            • Bullshit


        • ScottyDoesn'tKnow!

          Chester I'm with you buddy. The fact is the term "hero" is abused and over used. Firefighters ARE NOT heroes! Cops ARE NOT heroes, hell I don't even think they should be in the conversation if that conversation is about heroes! Audie Murphy was a fucking hero. These guys did their job. By the way I've "done my job" in 12 different countries in 3 hostile areas while serving in the U.S. Army but alas still NOT A HERO!

          All you Cops and Firefighters go pat each other on the back (or the front) and STFU already.

          • chesterdrawers

            all I'm saying is these professions tend to whine like school teachers and have no idea when they have been trolled to their deaths! UGH!

          • chesterdrawers

            Oh, HOOAH on Audie Murphy…

          • Max

            first of all, thank you for your service and Audie Murphy was a hero…secondly, I don't nor will I ever consider myself a hero…that's not where this conversatipn was started….with your extensive military training, surely they taught you to stay on task

    • Deep Dish

      The reason firefighters don't make that much is because most departments are broke.

      I'm not going to give specific numbers because I honestly can't remember, but my friend who is married to a firefighter said the reason most departments are broke is because so many firefighters abuse the system and retire on disability after only something like 10 year and get a full pension. A good portion of those on disability go on to have a second career while bleeding the departments dry.

      • yup

        ding ding ding.. winnah heah…winnah.

        • Shockteck

          It's funny, I live in Sarnia right on the border of Port Huron Michigan. I know a 26 year old Fireman in this city making 90,000 Canadian. 29 year old Paramedics making 78,000 a year. If I cross the border what would they be making in Port Huron? I am not sure but I heard paramedics make squat over there.

  • avgejoe

    Would love to throw a ladder again…..apparently its ok to beat your wife and still keep your job. If you get a dui(no injury or accident) you get terminated.

    • KCO617

      The fact that you had to qualify that you didn't cause injury or accident is pathetic. You drove under the influence, you could have killed innocent people or yourself, you don't deserve the shield.

      • SteelHorseCowboy

        That's a bit harsh, .08 can be two beers.

        • wsnydes

          but it's still the law…

        • truth

          True, but .08 isn't .07. All the respect to him for doing his former job, but his personal choices took that away from him. It's not asking too much of someone to not drive after drinking…especially if it prevents him from killing himself or others. Welcome to the world of normal people.

          • Ben Dover

            Not sure how normal it is to say he was able to beat his wife and keep his job???

            • truth

              He was citing the perceived hypocrisy over how a Firefighter could beat his wife and not get fired, but he had 1 dui and he was cut. That is how I read it anyway.

              • avgejoe

                thank you truth thats how it was meant to be perceived.

        • KC & ThunderUp

          It is very harsh especially if he only barely crossed the .08 threshold. A biochemist has come out and said that certain people are no more inebriated at that level than some at .04. It's all about that particular persons ability to function.

          • KCO617

            Did you just learn how Alcohol works? Certain individuals have also blown over a .4 and survived, it's all relative to body mass and tolerance.

          • wsnydes

            first, .08 is the legal limit. end of discussion. second, nowhere did he say that he was at the .08 limit. for all we know, he blew a .30. in any case, he was deemed over the legal limit and/or impaired.

      • avgejoe

        Never judge a book by its cover kco617 I hope you keep living your perfect little life with no problems.

    • ChestRockwellz

      You are a scumbag. My sister was killed by a drunk driver. People like you should be thrown in jail. You think you are invincible. I am without a sister because some asshole was to cool to call a cab. I hope you never get to do anything fulfilling again in your life. On second thought

      • Caw

        Maybe your sister was drunk at the time.

        • truth

          Did you really just comment for the sake to comment or are you so devoid of decency that you felt your comment had bearing on the death of his sister?

        • KCO617

          Also, can you fucking read? He said his sister was killed by a drunk driver. Most people don't post "oh my sister was drunk and killed someone" as a supportive point to an argument. GTFO Troll.

    • chesterdrawers

      Throw a ladder? Why not toss some salad…

    • AssHaterson

      My department booted a guy for having a kid with someone other than his wife. I've scraped too many bodies off the pavement and picked up way too many severed body parts due to complete dumb asses like yourself. No sympathy for you, accident/injury or not. You deserved it.

      • avgejoe

        Not asking for your sympathy. ive come to peace with my actions. I just kcco! i hope you can step off your high horse one day and realize people make mistakes, because at the end of the day your just a normal guy with a good job.

        • AssHaterson

          There are very few things in life that make me get on my "high horse", this is one of them. This obviously affects me in my occupation and overall daily life, not to mention it's Friday so the chances of me encountering someone making a mistake and costing a life within the next 48 hours is quite high. You were fortunate the cost of your actions were only your job. To try to insinuate that there was some arbitrary lack of fairness because you lost your job and someone else didn't tells me you haven't come to terms with what you did.

  • fresh.ta.death

    Strong work, brothers.

  • Ravienne_Cullen

    Wow. I'm glad they got him down. That must have been terrifying! Those firefighters are true heroes. I'd like to treat them to a drink

  • anon

    Fuck sake any human coulda jumped….

    • kryvian

      old ppl can't. they're fragile and brittle. He couldn't get on the kid's ladder ffs.

    • dochandy

      because being partially paralyzed does nothing to someone's agility…

      • chesterdrawers

        ugh oh here comes a flock of wahwah's…

    • blues

      A six foot jump has a 50% mortality rate. That's the average for all ages. Sure you're probably young and healthy now, but try not to judge everyone by your present condition. You might not like it when you're older!
      -A Volunteer FireFighter

  • matt

    #5 BAMF

  • dan

    its sad that some people think police and firefighters are all overpaid burdens the taxpayers until stuff like this comes out. as a firefighter in nj i can promise you no matter how much shit we take there is not a single guy or girl i work with who would not put their life on the line to help a complete stranger. its what we do, and we love doing it.

    • dan

      and i hope this isnt taken as me saying everyone feels that way about public servants. but you would be surprised how many people do…..

    • Anonymous

      Why is it that nobody says that construction workers or trash haulers are heroes? This trend of cramming the notion that public service people are heroes down everyone's throat is bogus. I believe it is only an elaborate pro government marketing ploy to get us to further believe that we could not survive without them. Stop tooting you own horn and just go to work and do your job, just like everyone else…

      • Kapp

        You sad, angry, liberal.

        • six-four


      • Public Servant

        That's because the trash man, construction worker and most other public servants aren't required to die for you, jackass.

        Police, firefighters, military…we would all sacrifice to save you, anyone else on need or any of our brothers and sisters, something a person like you would never understand.

        Keep on living for yourself and when you need us, pray that we're near by…

        • chesterdrawers

          Firefighters and cops aren't required to die for you, also, easy on the propaganda flavored kool aid pal…

          • KCO617

            You're an uneducated jackass. Part of the job/oath is to put others before yourself, which means risking your life to ensure that civilans are protected and cared for.

            Trash men regularly pass by cans that are "too full" because it can hurt them…and their unions say it's ok (DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT ANTI-UNION). Next time you're getting your ass beat after a drunken night at the club you better hope there's a squad care near by, because they'll risk a bullet or a knife to make sure your drunk ass gets off the pavement.

            • chesterdrawers

              Oh yea, well, blahblahblah… I guess we should go out and do hands across America for the extremely educated police and firemen… ready go…

              • Adam

                Are you seriously that pathetic? Grow the fuck up ass wipe!

          • John Q Public

            I wish I could give you more than one + no one is required to die for anyone

            • KCO617

              That's why most don't and won't do this job.

        • NJ fireman

          police and firemen are not required to die for anybody. First thing they teach you in fire academy, if you're in danger, get the fuck out. Sure, the job has a lot more risk to it than a car salesman and all you guys are appreciated but stop abusing the word HERO! All the guys and galls serving in military are heroes but i dont think the firemen should be called that as often as they are…

      • wsnydes

        good to see that you're man enough to put a name to your ridiculous comment.

    • Dave

      As a former soldier, trust me when I say your service to our communities is greatly appreciated. God bless and Chive on!

      • wsnydes

        and thank you for your service.

    • thanks!

      Dan – I have no clue who would ever give someone shit about a job like that. My uncle was a firefighter for years. It's given me a bit of insight on what you guys go through to keep us safe. I can't speak for anyone but me so from me to you.. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!

    • Vol Fire ST. 5109

      Exactly I couldn't have said it better myself. We do it everyday, not because we have to but because we want to. It isn't a job for us, it's a calling. I'm not even a paid firefighter, I'm a volunteer with 2 departments in Northern Michigan. We get gas compensation and that's it. I would risk my life any day of the week to save a stranger in distress. You ass bags trashing us need to go die in a structure fire, or in a multi-vehicle accident if we pretty much worthless. Or go witness some of the things we see after a multi vehilce, mass casualty incident. That shit stays with us for a long time you jackasses. Think before you speak next time. Oh and one more thing, We may not be "required to die" for you, but we will willingly do it to save you, just ask the 343 fireman who died on September 11th after saving thousands of lives.

      • KCO617

        Well said, and thank you.

        • ScottyDoesn'tKnow!

          It's the constant begging for gratitude and throwing the word "hero" down everyone's throat all the time! STFU!

          To ALL the firemen YOU ARE NOT A HERO!
          To ALL the policemen YOU ARE NOT A HERO!
          stop using that fucking word you sorry ass motherfuckers!

          If you love it so much just go to work, that should be enough.

          Trust me the worst person to serve with was the wanna be hero sad ass. Usually was the first to hide and cry too. Because talking and doing are completely different things, if you're talking about it you probably didn't do it just FYI.

          • Leann

            I get were you are coming from by saying ALL firefighters and ALL police officers are not heroes but I can tell you a ton of them are. Being a firefighters daughter with my dad being on the department for 28 years I have seen and heard more things than I would ever want to know. My father does not call himself a hero and my father does not do his job for a dollar. He hasn't asked for or seen a raise in over ten years. He was extremely lucky to start and run a successful construction business on his days off. A few years back I asked him why he was still at the department and being a man of few words he gave me dumbfounded look and said "Why would you stop doing what you love?". Personally my father loves his job. He LOVES coming out at 4 am to help you reset your fire alarm. He LOVES responding to your car accident because you were talking on the phone or texting. He LOVES going to your grandmothers house and helping her because she fell down. He LOVES dealing with idiots that don't respect him or his job. And I'm being serious. He loves helping other people no matter the situation. And so do so many other firefighters or police officers. They might not be YOUR hero but the sure as hell are mine.

          • KCO617

            I don't hear anyone begging for gratitude or the word hero…some cops are dirty and some firemen are lazy, but the ones who get their asses out of bed, leave their homes and families at 3am and are the first ones to run into the house, or take control of a scene and exact some sort of solution deserve RECOGNITION.

  • William Mah

    Why is this post tagged with Creepy?

    • Aaron

      Just guessing, because someone took pictures of an old man with no pants on about to burn to death? Maybe that's what the kid in #2 is saying, "he doesn't have any pants on."

      • Cesar Villa

        lmfao that.'s exactly what came to my mind.

    • Duh

      Picture #4 is why

  • Berner

    That's what happens when you fall asleep smoking a blunt. Live and learn.

  • Fxdxr02

    METALLICA!!! Yeah, looks like the old man from the Unforgiven video!

  • bob

    thats exactly the same house in which there is a gif of a cat escaping from the balcony because of the fire. can someone find it to confirm?

  • Shiguy

    Wow! KCCO to those firemen and neighbors! Awesome job guys!

  • Ale112

    Enough said, heroes should get better salaries

  • kinoschmid

    Give the neighbor a little credit too

    • chesterdrawers

      No, only the firegods will receive credit…

      • Max

        atta boy chester….still being a douche…I think it's time you left….you're not a Chiver

    • joeblow

      give the neighbor ALL the credit; It's my job to climb the ladder and bring him down. The hero brand is extremely misused daily in this society. Those firefighters (or myself) have simply fulfilled the requirements of the job, just as that city's payroll clerk fulfills hers/ his job by having their paycheck printed every payday.

    • reaperMEDIC

      What the firemen did was easy. #2 that dude is a bad ass! Maybe he just found his calling…

  • andy

    Well done..

  • Head Chef

    Whilst I commend the firefighters and neighbours who helped him, I cant understand why the man himself refused to try and climb down. Dispite his "frail condition" you'd think he would give it a go considering his house is burning down right behind him.

    • Ali

      He probably knows his limitations. He is partially paralyzed. He probably thought "Well, I could go down now where I'm sure to fall and likely kill myself or severely injure myself, or I could wait a little longer and hope the Fire Department get here in time." Also, depending on what caused his partial paralysis, he may have some mental disturbances as well. He may not have fully understood.

      • Head Chef

        I suppose so. He may have changed his mind once his socks whent on fire.

    • Yeah

      "…due to his weakened condition he refused to climb down, afraid that he would only hurt himself and others."

  • KYfirefighter

    I think its time for police, fire, EMS KCCO shirts

    • Dan


    • York

      Some one that actually recognized EMS. Thank you sir

  • Bri Guy

    Hey chive, how's about a firefighter KKCO shirt? Me and my whole shift would rock them in a heartbeat!

    • blues

      I'm volunteer firefighter – I second that!!!!

      • Mark Poli

        Third- great idea

        • Matt

          Do it Chive!

  • Rayyaan Fayker

    that old man was just lazy

    • Fuck you

      Go fuck yourself with a cactus, you waste of human flesh. I hope you die in a fire.

    • brit

      he isn't lazy, he is paralyzed.

  • funk

    If you can' grill a few burgers without setting your house on fire you should have your MAN CARD taken away.

  • Impressed

    The kid in #2 is just as much a Hero not to take away from firefighters

    • OnehandJack

      Serious props to him for sure. Took a lot of courage to do that. Not something most people have in that situation.

    • Stevenb

      Yeah for sure man, major probs to the neighbor, did everything he could in the situation, his sincerity cant be matched.

  • Lee Massie

    Nice save brothers! Shout out to the neighbor too.

    • Matt

      That neighbor is a hell of a guy just for having the guts to attempt something like this! Good Guy!

      • Jessica Condrey

        what a sweet story, I teared up at this one Chive πŸ™‚
        And they managed to get his glasses too awwww

  • Big Dave

    Mr. Neighbor shouldn't have to pay for a drink for a week or so. Good job, man!!!

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