Man constructs bacon lamp (12 Photos)

  • Beavis


  • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

    some ed gein shit right thurr

  • ckron247

    Is #11 his girlfriend? Ummm…

  • Pro Death


  • Lord Voldemort

    He would be a phish fan… #10

  • John

    Probably the stupidest thing I ever seen, and whaddaya know, he's a fat guy

  • agjkl

    and they're fat… go figure

  • gfsagsd

    seriously, this bacon crap has to stop…. damn hipsters

  • Sabine


  • cristobol

    #9 and the rest, just gross.

  • Hippie Hipster Not

    That right there is Bacon abuse….I'm gunna report you

  • PottyPlant

    Mmmmmm bacon

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  • jsa

    you guys had posted this already 😦

  • Moss

    my mouth started watering halfway through this post

  • Force Kin

    Waste of bacon

  • goldengekko1

    ok so for the first day or two it will smell amazing but im pretty sure your going to hate the smell of that bacon once it starts to go bad. was a cool idea for the use of bacon but pretty sure your going to regret it in a couple of days. hopefully when it goes off you will KCCO 😀

  • John Gee

    Complete and utter misuse of bacon! you sir should be made to listen to lady gaga while watching little people eat crispy bacon. Cause i've heard that little people go into blind rage when listening to lady gaga and eating bacon at the same time!

  • Vinnie Rizzuto III

    I don't know what to think of this. As a New Orleanian I'm not surprised that someone from Louisiana would have constructed this..

  • omgh4x

    flesh as decoration is a bit disturbing.. it makes me think of things like house of 1000 corpses and texas chainsaw massacre.. this just gives me the creeps a bit

    disclaimer: I am a carnivore who loves an extra-rare bloody rib-eye.. this isnt a vegetarian thing..

  • Amber

    I love lamp

  • @thelogicbox

    Fire hazard.

  • MohawkJon

    I Am Going To Smell In 3-5 Days

  • TommyKnockers

    I love bacon but I do not want a lamp that attracts flies all day..or the dog…or the neighbor.

  • Johnniringo

    A sad waste of perfectly good meat-candy, and it also too closely resembles the skin-lamps the Nazis used to make. Gross.

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