Remember to set your MLB fantasy teams to win theCHIVE’s $400 freerole pool

As always, I’ve had a friend help me with my MLB team because…well, I don’t watch baseball. So wishing you “good luck” is probably not necessary.
I’m told that I went with Bryce Harper over Jose Reyes in tier 5 and that Ichiro is in tier 8 which is a steal with him now on the Yankees. That mean anything to you?

Click HERE to play.

  • First

    First time being first!

  • General

    #1 bunting with your crotch

  • JinGJ

    Now get out there and take one for the team!

  • AWhack

    Rookie Johnson stepped to the plate and moments later, realized that he had confused bunt with blunt.

  • Mikey

    Hey Bob-O…A-Rod broke his hand a few nights ago, get em outta there.

    • Mikey

      and that info may just be worth a T shirt huh??? Size L 🙂

  • Wizard


  • Katrina

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  • Edward Manning

    Just a quick comment , did you know Bill fucking Murray is the co-owner of AAA team in SLC utah , who also happen to own the record for consecutive wins for any team in organized baseball

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