The Farrah update and a message from her mother…

Yesterday, we launched a story about one of the survivors of the Aurora shootings, Farrah Soudani. I asked the Chivers to help raise money for her medical bills and, what will be, years of rehab and cosmetic surgeries. The goal was set at $100,000. In true Chive fashion you ignored the goal and raised $150,000 (and counting) instead.

Last evening, I was lucky enough to have a conference call with Farrah's mother, Heidi, and Victoria, the close family friend running Farrah's charity site while Heidi tends to her daughter.

Heidi gave me a message for the Chivers:

"John, saying thank you seems so hollow when expressing the depth of gratitude I feel for what the Chive community has done for my daughter.

After chatting for a while Heidi told me something. You could tell it had been a long day for both mother and daughter, Farrah's recent operations had taken an emotional and physical toll.

"Farrah has had a rough day today, she slept a lot. Farrah only spoke once. You won't believe what she said, John. She expressed compassion for the madman who did these things to her. She wondered if he was abused, if nobody cared for him? My daughter forgave him. That's how strong she is."

Farrah’s GoFundMe fundraising site was featured last night on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams last night. The topic was the skyrocketing cost of good medicine how victims of the Aurora attacks are turning to the internet for help.

There was also an uninformed article published by NBC I’ve been asked about. The article involves the two separate websites that were created to help Farrah, one by the father’s side of the family, and one by the mother’s side, Heidi, which was officially set up by Victoria Albright, Heidi’s best friend.

I was aware of both sites before I launched the campaign and based on the mother’s blessing and wishes, I chose to go with Victoria and Heidi, and I’m really glad I did.

Since I launched the campaign you may have noticed one of the Soudani brothers have been spamming both theCHIVE and GoFundMe with some uninformed comments, primarily calling into question GoFundMe, which is strange because GoFundMe’s credentials are flawless.

They worked with Reddit to to raise $30,000 for a cancer-stricken patient with only 6 months to live and $75,0000 to help the parents of 3 girls with MPS. All the money went exactly where it was intended to go.

GoFundMe is the only crowdfunding site to receive a 5 star rating by Crowdsourcing.

This money has a national spotlight on it and professionals watching after it. We’re working with GoFundMe directly as well as the family to make sure every penny goes to Farrah, because, of course it will. Vicoria Albright is a kind-hearted grandmother who cares only for the wellbeing of Farrah right now.

I also believe that, when it comes to Charity, you should always keep it positive. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy. Certainly both sides of the family are under a tremendous amount of stress and my thoughts and prayers go out to both of them. But this is about Farrah. And you can’t stand idly by and wait to help somebody, or worse, wait for somebody else to do it for you. That’s not how I was raised. At the end of the day you take the best information at hand and you call the play.

Be proud of yourselves today, Chivers. You’ve helped a girl when she needed it the most.

Donate to Farrah right here.

  • Shane Bogue

    Not sure about all the SPAM .. Its sad for someone to have such a shallow life to have time to spam a site where people are trying to help a human out.
    Whoever that was doing the Spamming may need help one day and you know what… I would be there to help just because we are all human and its the right thing to do.. anyway

    Farrah Stay strong and KCCO

  • paulbrianschmidt

    John, from a Mason who is committed to philanthropy, you did good by this girl and her family. The choice was fine and it was obvious that all of us Chivers trusted it. Farrah is well protected and in good hands in the Chive community.

  • nodon

    I was mildly concerned about that yesterday, but figured that John had done his homework.

  • brap.

    What about the other victims? Is she getting attention because she's hot? True Chive fashion.

    • mikeltn

      If you don't like theChive, you don't have to be here. Find another victim and donate to help them if you wish. Spread chive love everywhere you go. KCCO

    • Skylarrrr

      Read the other comments this statement has been addressed. John asked us who need's help, we gave him her. Just because she has a pretty face doesn't mean that she doesn't need help. Like the Chiver who said it before me. Farrah is the beginning not the end. Use your brain, bud. Don't be disrespectful.

      This is the second time i have had to post this…. Some people are ridiculous.

  • HamptonsWorld80

    This is why we Chive. You can go anywhere on the internet to see funny shit and hot girls but this is a community…full of kick ass people.

  • RUhigh

    Great post, thanks John. Don't let the jerks dog you down…ever. Proud to be a Chiver.

  • Dan

    I'm very proud for all of you guys who donated to this important cause, I was shocked to saw the news that terrible day but that kind of things sadly happens and there is nothing we can do except the awsome things this comunity (chive, the BEST site in the world of course) does for the people who most needs it, I feel proud to be part of this site's good people… today I'm honoring Alex Sullivan, because today its my birthday and im gonna see the batman movie (here in mexico the movie releases today). God bless those innocent people and all my blessings for the ones that are still recovering, get well soon Farrah and KCCO!

  • Loke

    This is a great thing that people are doing.

    However, I don't want to be negative but you need to remember that GoFundMe gets about 8% of the money off the top (GoFundMe 5% / WePay 3.5%) .

    You should just be aware of where all your money is going.

    • Skylar Ray Young

      I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure they are all non-profits. All of that money would be going to covering the cost of the site, putting the word out, buying server space, and all that other jazz. I'm not saying one is better than the other but I have faith that our money will go where it belongs.

  • Mark

    The Chive community is just awesome! Helping and caring.
    I think that a huge thank you statement can be made by the movie production studio, by paying the medical bills of the surving victims and a donation to the families of the not so lucky victims.
    This gesture would be grand, as these people were at the theatre to support them.
    Just thoughts,
    A heavy hearted Canadian Chiver

  • Bill

    Well done Chiver's and the best of luck to Farrah in her recovery!

  • newink

    I have never been so proud to be a part of something, being military i know all to well about giving for the soul purpose of wanting to help others. Great job Chive and all the chivers and chivettes out there!

  • mshaw166

    I am glad to be a part of it! KCCO Farrah and the rest of of the victims and their families!

  • NavyPilotTJ

    I honestly think we are going to double their $100,000 goal. And that, my friends, is just awesome!

  • bangerang

    What an awesome and strong woman! Farrah, your strength and worrying about others during your own struggle is inspiring. KCCO. Praying for you, your family, and all those affected.

  • Lee Yates

    Since I've been a part of the Chive community, I've watched a fire station be rescued, a safe room built for a little girl who has a rare disease, helping a hero achieve a dream of a log cabin…. and now this. I may have missed some others, but the point is, the satisfaction received from helping others that you will most likely never meet in your life is truly the highest form of charity. Nothing makes my day better than when I check out the Chive and find a cause that John and Leo believe is something that should be brought to the community.

    Then the response is overwhelming. Never ceases to amaze me. People at work must worry why I have this stupid smile on my face and tears in my eyes.

    Keep Calm and Chive On…….a salute to you all.

    And God Bless Farrah……

  • NYR144

    Please do not forget about her friend Mike. He is in a very bad place and needs our help also. Here is the link to his page. Please take a min to wish him well and keep the Chive family close and caring

  • Clint F

    John i commend you on using the the Chive force for Good you always seem to step up at the right times for the right causes, i know you have to be bombarded all the time asking for help.. you do good John thats all there is to it… i am proud to be a Chiver!
    If you are ever in Oklahoma look me up ill buy the first round..
    Have a great day and weekend and Chive on!

  • connerob

    Damn proud day to be a Chiver. Happy Friday indeed.

  • Colleen

    I've been a chiver for just about a year!!! I've converted my sons to this awesome site AND community. Yesterday was the first time I've donated and never once did I feel any apprehension. I also donate monthly to the Wounded Warriors Project. People give with most sincere intentions and that is why we "chivers" surpass all that is asked. May we continue to be able help others and continue to grow our AWESOME reputation of being philanthropical.

  • Paul

    Regardless if he was abused or whatever… HE CHOSE TO DO THE SHOOTING! HE WASN'T FORCED!

    Screw forgiving him or his knew it ahead of time mother

  • Stephen Davidson

    Anyone want to go visit when the times right?

  • GeoQuin4

    It is such an amazing feat, and I'm so proud to be a part of such a giving community. Thankfully, as announced in the news today, all medical expenses for all victims will be taken care of and no one will be charged for anything. Keep your head up Farrah, keep fighting, and when you're all better, KCCO.

  • lukinhas


  • Nate Woodard

    I never had a doubt the money I donated would be used correctly. I still don't.

  • Chiefer77

    KCCO Farrah. I wish I could have given more. You’re in our hearts and prayers.

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