The Farrah update and a message from her mother…

Yesterday, we launched a story about one of the survivors of the Aurora shootings, Farrah Soudani. I asked the Chivers to help raise money for her medical bills and, what will be, years of rehab and cosmetic surgeries. The goal was set at $100,000. In true Chive fashion you ignored the goal and raised $150,000 (and counting) instead.

Last evening, I was lucky enough to have a conference call with Farrah's mother, Heidi, and Victoria, the close family friend running Farrah's charity site while Heidi tends to her daughter.

Heidi gave me a message for the Chivers:

"John, saying thank you seems so hollow when expressing the depth of gratitude I feel for what the Chive community has done for my daughter.

After chatting for a while Heidi told me something. You could tell it had been a long day for both mother and daughter, Farrah's recent operations had taken an emotional and physical toll.

"Farrah has had a rough day today, she slept a lot. Farrah only spoke once. You won't believe what she said, John. She expressed compassion for the madman who did these things to her. She wondered if he was abused, if nobody cared for him? My daughter forgave him. That's how strong she is."

Farrah’s GoFundMe fundraising site was featured last night on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams last night. The topic was the skyrocketing cost of good medicine how victims of the Aurora attacks are turning to the internet for help.

There was also an uninformed article published by NBC I’ve been asked about. The article involves the two separate websites that were created to help Farrah, one by the father’s side of the family, and one by the mother’s side, Heidi, which was officially set up by Victoria Albright, Heidi’s best friend.

I was aware of both sites before I launched the campaign and based on the mother’s blessing and wishes, I chose to go with Victoria and Heidi, and I’m really glad I did.

Since I launched the campaign you may have noticed one of the Soudani brothers have been spamming both theCHIVE and GoFundMe with some uninformed comments, primarily calling into question GoFundMe, which is strange because GoFundMe’s credentials are flawless.

They worked with Reddit to to raise $30,000 for a cancer-stricken patient with only 6 months to live and $75,0000 to help the parents of 3 girls with MPS. All the money went exactly where it was intended to go.

GoFundMe is the only crowdfunding site to receive a 5 star rating by Crowdsourcing.

This money has a national spotlight on it and professionals watching after it. We’re working with GoFundMe directly as well as the family to make sure every penny goes to Farrah, because, of course it will. Vicoria Albright is a kind-hearted grandmother who cares only for the wellbeing of Farrah right now.

I also believe that, when it comes to Charity, you should always keep it positive. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy. Certainly both sides of the family are under a tremendous amount of stress and my thoughts and prayers go out to both of them. But this is about Farrah. And you can’t stand idly by and wait to help somebody, or worse, wait for somebody else to do it for you. That’s not how I was raised. At the end of the day you take the best information at hand and you call the play.

Be proud of yourselves today, Chivers. You’ve helped a girl when she needed it the most.

Donate to Farrah right here.

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  • Rach

    As much as I enjoy all the other posts, this is what makes me proud to be a part of The Chive community. KCCO Farrah!

  • Jeremy Wingert

    the best site in the world is only so because its members are the best people in the world, any marketing class will confirm that

  • KtLeigh

    I can't be the only one who is wondering where her boyfriend is

  • Brian Wanueka

    Corrupt…. Blood on blood, greedy, what a brother!!

  • Leigh

    I ❤ how Chivers stand together as a family to support one another especially in times of need – even stronger than most blood relatives.

    As John stated…..Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy" but also doing what is easy isn't always right…

    My wish is for all of Farrah's family member's to look at what really is important here and that is to get Farrah the necessary funds to cover her medical expenses.

    KCCO Chive Family! ❤ xx


    Crazy story. I donated yesterday. When I got home I pulled up the article to show my girlfriend Ellie. When she read it she started crying. Not a big surprise because I did too when first read it. So went to give her a hung and she told me that use to work with Farrah. We then sat down and talked. She told me how sweet she is. Its great how the world works!

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    Good job everybody!! Know we get to see her boobs!!

  • JTeran

    thanks for keeping the proper perspective John, we definitely share your viewpoint. Thank you for creating the opportunity for us to contribute!

    Chive On!

  • Rae Hamrah

    i am so lucky to say i chive on, i love the chive community and what we all stand for, but still i am amazed, and shaken ( in a good way) today i will keep giving and chive on

  • Kid sister

    I read love for a new Chive saying, "Random act of Chiveness" and I second that. Big awesome Chive on to all of you with the positive comments and replies. Ignoring all the negative bs and KCCO is in to be a true chiver/chivette. Proud to have that title and honestly I feel that we all need to remember that here. John, Leo, and the rest of the guys down at theChive offices don't call upon us to help because we're petty and sensitive. We're chivers, we're strong, we're giving, and we're funny as hell. Keep Calm when read a crappy comment or reply and Chive on.
    To the wonderful young woman who has found compassion and forgiveness even in all of your own pain, you rock. So glad that someone pointed you out to theChive and we all get to stand behind you.

    Support those you need support, ignore those who spew ignorance.
    Chive on.

  • Rowdy_n_Playful

    When my wife gives me shit and calls all chivers perves I just show her stuff like this and the Taylor Morris story. Two separate stories of lives changed all because the Resig Bros decided to create a web site. BOOYAH!!! John Resig, I officially nominate you for Sainthood. God Bless you brother, and the very fine work y'all are doing.

  • ChiveNation71

    One of the reasons I think more is not done is because you don't know who to trust today. I trust John and theChive to make sure my money goes where it needs to go to help those who deserve it. Bring on the next challenge!!

  • Zackchet

    Only thing I'd shoot at this beauty is a text… Or maybe a look as to say "let's mini golf and drink beer tell snooki looks acceptable."

  • Rebecca

    I cried when I read this. There is so much pain in the world today it can be hard to remember that people can do good. There are good people out there and theChive is full of amazing people. These are the stories we need more of. It is sad it took such a tragedy to show the strength and compassion of others. Farrah is stronger than I ever could be and theChive is just the thing this dark world needs to shed some much needed light. This story proves there are good people. Go Chive!

  • Thor Prosise

    screw liberal medi and GO CHIVERSa!

  • Sebastian

    John you made the best decision. Victoria seems truly grateful and has not once brought any negativity around raising money for her friend's family. She is truly, like you and the Chive, selfless in this effort. On the other hand, looking at not only the brothers comments but also attitudes one may believe they don't have Farrah's best interests at heart. They should be ecstatic at what the Chive was able to achieve. Its astounding that they could say anything negative about an organization that bonded people all over the world to help support their sister.

    Not only that… if you go to their website; you will notice they have banner advertisements… shady.

  • da goober

    just happy to contribute – kcco!

  • Baguette

    The only matter with GoFunfMe is that I can't make a donation from France :/
    Don't forget than Chivers are worldwide 😉

    Restez calme et Chive one !

  • Fogetaboutit

    Love this community!

  • Rick Van de Schepop

    Altough I did not contribute I'm very proud to be party of theChive community 🙂

  • Vaughan412

    We made a decision and we stand by it! CHIVE ON!

  • Brandon Fritz

    this is part of being a chiver is all about.

  • $am

    How does one Chive in only six minutes? It takes me most of my workday…Good day.

    • John

      If you send in pics it says in the disclaimer that they have the right to give your mom a bieber haircut and that the sites the best 6-60 minutes of your day.

      Twisted chive bastads for the haircut shit. My mom can't rock that crap.

  • gcj1981

    we are know how good and accurate nbcnews is about reporting the actual truth when it comes to the news. John, I will trust your judgement any day or the week. You my sir did an awesome job. Great it up chivers and chivettes!

  • Johnson

    She wasn't the only person to get injured though…. What about the other people?

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