The Farrah update and a message from her mother…

Yesterday, we launched a story about one of the survivors of the Aurora shootings, Farrah Soudani. I asked the Chivers to help raise money for her medical bills and, what will be, years of rehab and cosmetic surgeries. The goal was set at $100,000. In true Chive fashion you ignored the goal and raised $150,000 (and counting) instead.

Last evening, I was lucky enough to have a conference call with Farrah's mother, Heidi, and Victoria, the close family friend running Farrah's charity site while Heidi tends to her daughter.

Heidi gave me a message for the Chivers:

"John, saying thank you seems so hollow when expressing the depth of gratitude I feel for what the Chive community has done for my daughter.

After chatting for a while Heidi told me something. You could tell it had been a long day for both mother and daughter, Farrah's recent operations had taken an emotional and physical toll.

"Farrah has had a rough day today, she slept a lot. Farrah only spoke once. You won't believe what she said, John. She expressed compassion for the madman who did these things to her. She wondered if he was abused, if nobody cared for him? My daughter forgave him. That's how strong she is."

Farrah’s GoFundMe fundraising site was featured last night on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams last night. The topic was the skyrocketing cost of good medicine how victims of the Aurora attacks are turning to the internet for help.

There was also an uninformed article published by NBC I’ve been asked about. The article involves the two separate websites that were created to help Farrah, one by the father’s side of the family, and one by the mother’s side, Heidi, which was officially set up by Victoria Albright, Heidi’s best friend.

I was aware of both sites before I launched the campaign and based on the mother’s blessing and wishes, I chose to go with Victoria and Heidi, and I’m really glad I did.

Since I launched the campaign you may have noticed one of the Soudani brothers have been spamming both theCHIVE and GoFundMe with some uninformed comments, primarily calling into question GoFundMe, which is strange because GoFundMe’s credentials are flawless.

They worked with Reddit to to raise $30,000 for a cancer-stricken patient with only 6 months to live and $75,0000 to help the parents of 3 girls with MPS. All the money went exactly where it was intended to go.

GoFundMe is the only crowdfunding site to receive a 5 star rating by Crowdsourcing.

This money has a national spotlight on it and professionals watching after it. We’re working with GoFundMe directly as well as the family to make sure every penny goes to Farrah, because, of course it will. Vicoria Albright is a kind-hearted grandmother who cares only for the wellbeing of Farrah right now.

I also believe that, when it comes to Charity, you should always keep it positive. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy. Certainly both sides of the family are under a tremendous amount of stress and my thoughts and prayers go out to both of them. But this is about Farrah. And you can’t stand idly by and wait to help somebody, or worse, wait for somebody else to do it for you. That’s not how I was raised. At the end of the day you take the best information at hand and you call the play.

Be proud of yourselves today, Chivers. You’ve helped a girl when she needed it the most.

Donate to Farrah right here.

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  • gdub

    I've never before seen a group of individuals that can come together and support one another and never even met each other but still care about the community they represent. The Chive is something awesome. I donated what I could and would donate more if I had it to give. Not sure about what the brothers of Farrah are doing but the only thing that should be on everyone's mind is the recovery of this awesome chivette.

    KCCO and happy fuckin friday.

  • Robb Bovell

    John, you don't need to justify one single thing to us (or anyone else for that matter). We know where your heart is, and that you're doing the right thing.

  • guestof the west

    This is awesome that you are willing to help someone out, but why do you call socialist public healthcare such a bad thing? Even Bikesnob NYC understands the value of everyone helping each other, even if they don't get noticed by a famous website. This is socialism, and I applaud your efforts.

    • Thumbmedown

      This is capitalism. It means those that have can freely give to those that don't. Instead of forcing us to. I feel ashamed to even type anything related to politics on here. Please give me all of your thumbs in a downward direction.

  • Yotapdat

    Im very PROUD of this site and the people who work there. You guys are truly amazing! Can my band throw an event at your offices with some big bands?

  • ImpressMe

    I went and read the article…and looked at the comments…… Unlike the Chivers, who have donated like crazy and actually done something to help….the posters there only saw an opportunity to bicker about politics…call each other names…and make it about everyone but those who need actual help. I am so proud to be a Chiver… the people over at nbc are just batshit crazy.

  • GiantRob

    I'm having trouble getting the website to work..GoFundMe continually gives me the error message "We were not able to authorize the payment." After it didn't work last night, I tried again just now. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Dustin

    Proud to stand up with the rest of the chiver nation and help somone in need no matter what, all the help that the chive nation has given to everyone that asked for help is just awesome.

  • jay

    this is the reason i like the chive. aside from epic pics of beauty and awesomeness, i enjoy reading the comments the most. i pray she gets better soon.

  • SARmedic

    Chivers are just like a huge extended family. When we are just hanging out we post crazy, snarky comments and sometimes make fun of each other. But, when one of the family, or anyone that really deserves it, everybody puts away the petty crap and really pulls together, big time.

    All ill will is forgotten among family when a true tragedy strikes and somebody needs help.

    I'm proud to be a small cog in the machine, but you guys and gals never cease to amaze me!

  • Darrell

    There are not a lot of places in the world where people can feel safe wanted nor needed… But The Chive. Has provided us all with a home of homes. Everyone of you that give need it be money advice or the greatest pictures in the world… Each and every one of you deserve a hearty hand shake and pat on the back………. The Chive World Rocks!!!!!

  • LizR

    People are so quick to try and find something negative out of good deeds. The Chive community has made a great choice and I trust them to guide us Chivers and Chivettes in the right direction to help those who need it most. We should all be proud. Keep faith in humanity, at least here. KCCO!!

  • Rod

    Well said indeed john. I cant say how proud I am to be part of a community like the chive. you guys all rock! it gives me faith that their are still good people out there. stay strong darling you got a whole bunch of people pulling for you!!

  • Regal Eagle

    I am very proud of each of you my fellow chivers. The open heartedness of such a generally playful community makes me so happy to be amongst you all. Lets keep this going.

  • Amirali Habibi

    Dear John, what you and the CHIVE community did is truly amazing, I am seating here behind my desk almost 8,000 miles from you guys in Iran and when I read this article there was no way for me to control my tears, this just goes to show that all we need is love and kindness other regardless of where we are from. there is nothing mach I can do from here but my prayers go out to everyone who were affected by Aurora tragedy and next time I'm in Venice beach I make sure I'll stop by to thank you for reminding us that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

  • Jennifer

    My Step Dad was in intensive care for 1 month in Florida and his bill was over a million dollars. Keep giving as her bills will be huge.

  • Jason

    give me 300 thumbs and I will donate $50k !!! LETS DO THIS CHIVERS !!!

  • Romney2012!!

    As a guns rights activist I must point out that, had she been carrying a gun this never would have happened. Am I right? NRA rules!

    • Gusto

      This was the reason I finally sent in my ccw application. Just one person could have stopped him before the toll climbed so high.

  • SMK

    This is why I brag to everyone I know and meet that the Chive is one of the greatest website's on the planet! Bravo guys, god has a special place for you all!

  • Joe Grimes

    I love all of the support by the Chivers… and that is amazing how quickly you exceeded the goal. I am, however confused on a couple things. He says one of the brothers, when it seems to me that she only has one brother. I looked at her facebook page, and it seems to me all they want is proof of where the money is going. A trust ensures exactly where it's going, and theirs states that 100% goes to Farrah, without the 5% GoFundMe fee might I add. I don't see it unreasonable to ask for the same on the other side. They paid $5k plus to get the trust set up, outlined legally that they won't receive a dime, and somehow they're assholes? Really? Come on guys, I know you're smarter than that! Either way, I hope this poor girl gets as much money as possible!

  • Vincent Delgado

    KCCO! Chive rox

  • happyclampopper

    Any extra should be shared with the rest of the survivors me thinks

  • tzo

    Had you given her money even if she had not been pretty? … just a question…

  • IceStationKilo

    Get well soon Farrah and thoughts go out to ALL the family. I can't imagine how difficult it is and we need to cut the whole family some serious slack. This is just another reason why I'm proud to be a Chiver, it's just such a great community that is always ready to help. KCCO – A British Chiver

  • Shoon

    #1 wth is that black thing being blurred out and covered with a photo?

  • Sarah Dooley

    today I was watching dateline on e! and it was the tradgedy in Colorado, there was a brief story about Farrah.. but most importantly it was about her boyfriend and her boyfriends dad who saved her life.. I think the chive community should also thank her boyfriend and his family for being so heroic.. keep calm & chive on Farrah ! we are all praying for you!

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