• Heathersux

    Heather can eat a dick.

  • Wuvix

    Makes me wish Chive video player had a repeat button.

    Also I'm a bit saddened that any chiver would post something negative about this, personally I'm not a fan of auto tune myself; however I don't completely close myself off to it so much that I miss the point of a wonderful video like this…

    It's uplifting and inspiring, a well deserved homage to the man himself Bob Ross 🙂

  • PottyPlant

    Bob Ross is my idol

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  • oh girl

    I didn't have cable in my mom's house growing up, so PBS was where it was at, NO COMMERCIALS! A few things spelled naptime circa 1989 – Julia Child, This Old House, and Bob Ross. Mom knew what was up to lull us monsters to sleep before dinner. Nothing but goodness for Bob Ross!

  • Modetrendence blog

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  • Tom

    Bob Ross was great fun to watch!! Always interesting to see what he would produce. Was he a "great" artist??? Beats me, but I'd rather look at his paintings than any of Jackson Pollack's crap! Also, apparently we could all get rich from the Internet….

  • Hypno

    I would like to believe that somewhere there is a video tape with Bob Ross stopping in the middle of the show, looking at what he's done, and saying, "Holy shit. That sucks balls. Let's start over."

  • Mac

    can we get a happy little tree/cloud shirt in the chivery?

  • Kenji

    This guy was the reason I took up art.His encouraging words helped me push on against all nay sayers to become an accomplished artist. R.I.P. Bob Ross

  • Joe

    When I was a little kid like 5 or 6 I would wake up super early in the morning and turn to chanel 12 and watch repeats of him painting. This video warms my heart!

  • http://www.edudesigns.org/ Ruth

    I LOVE this! How wonderful for kids to see beautiful things and hear inspiring words! Praise the Good Lord for making Bob Ross along with all the other wonderful things he created!

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  • Dennis

    More Bob Ross, less auto tune. Gave me a headache. Listening to him is soothing enough.

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