• Jessiem

    just as Michael responded I didn't know that a mom can earn $7787 in a few weeks on the internet. did you look at this link (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/orfpb

  • Minne

    Wonderful story about a happy, loving family being reunited. And a wonderful country where our servicemen and women have sacrificed so much, including their lives, so we are all able to enjoy, among other things, the freedom of speech. Unfortunately, sometimes that speech is an ignorant commentary spewed forth by heartless slobs who troll the internet to make snap judgements about 6 year old children, look at hot chicks (don't have one in your life, I'm guessing? Or maybe she is inflatable?)and give their 2 cents. I'm guessing Bob doesn't have what it takes to be in the military, and apparently aspires to someday elevate himself to douchebag level.

  • Dave


  • antitango

    Awesome dad is awesome!

  • Dull vid

    I would have been way more excited for Star Wars characters at my birthday even if it wasn't my dad. If I saw that level of apathy from my kid when I got home, I'd go back to Iraq. That kid didn't deserve it, he didn't seem to even care.

  • johnny d

    great video great man great honor …
    bob go to hell …maybe when you are there you will find someone to defend your right to be a d-bag
    keep your political crap of this site
    and as for your friend he served and he should be honored his wife is a whore and he is probably better of
    my uncle served for a year in iraq when it was at its worst..almost died more times than he wants to remember and he is not poor or lower class ..he served because he wanted too
    god bless all our men and women in the military and bob from all my fellow chivers go F@#$ yourself

    • Tom LikesUs
  • saltygary

    Fuck you chive.

  • blue_bronco

    They need to buy him that little Chewbacca puppy from last week.

  • jerry garcia

    Damn this dust storm. So so awesome

  • Tyler

    Yep, I'm a big pussy…sniff

  • Doug

    I wish I lived in the same town as bob, and that town had a parking lot that I could kick his ass in. I would'nt even close my fists, just slap him about the face till i got sleepy.

    • Tom LikesUs

      Tom Leykis on Military Wives

  • http://www.facebook.com/Archane Nick Sumpter

    A truly EPIC dad – the kid will never forget that day!

  • Bob

    On second thought, I should join the military. Sounds like a great way to get laid. And if my wife or GF ever cheats on me, all I've have to do is go through my phone list of my "army buddies" to find out who-dun-it!

  • Bob

    I don't have a hot chick in my life but you probably don't either as Chive-worthy women are only 10-15% of females (between 18-32 or so). My guess is you date a fatty (like most guys though). My inflatable GF doesn't complain about my dick being too big which has always been an issue with women in real life…so I takes what I can gets.

    *If you also have a love-doll, here's a tip – BUY an automatic air-pump! It saves a lot of time and using air-pumps at gas stations to inflate her can lead to a pretty awkward stares. Wal-Mart sells 'em for under $20. Totally worth it!

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