• chloepapas1

    Hey, I am actually the journo who wrote this piece – my name is Chloe Papas, not Chris Havercroft! Chris does indeed write for XPress, but he didn't write this piece. You can check this out here: on page 15. Thanks for the love 🙂

  • Accuracy

    Journalist that wrote this piece is Chloe Papas, not Chris Havercroft.

  • Furdurp

    "Catastrophic clusterfuck" you sir are brilliant!

  • Johnny Bravo

    I'll drink to that!

  • Jennifer

    Hi guys, My name is Jennifer and I'm one of the editors of X-Press Magazine – the publication where this review was originally published. Unfortunately this post has incorrectly attributed the review to Chris Havercroft when it was actually written by Chloe Papas (her name was chopped off the bottom of the pic originally loaded to Twitter). Read the original review in X-Press Magazine here:…. Or find us on Facebook ( to post Chloe your own individual words of praise. Thanks for the support – we're so happy we could stimulate such a massive worldwide discussion!

  • Josh

    I feel like Michael Tully (The Jason Ellis Show) summed it up nicely a while back, too. And I'm paraphrasing… If you are a regular at a great cafe in your neighborhood and they have the best breakfast in town, but you find out the proprietor is a shit bag who beat up his significant other, you'd probably quit going there.

    Why do folks keep patronizing this Chris Brown? Not only is he a shit bag, but his "breakfast" is not even edible.

  • What a loser

    Sounds like Chris Havercroft is a little jealous. He came off like a little girl to me

  • Really Now

    Most of his fans are chivers.

  • Luke

    I'm not the biggest Chris Brown fan, but the album isn't THAT bad.

  • Meg

    The journalist is actually Chloe Papas, as seen in this screenshot of the same review: 🙂

  • wink_e

    Actual author is Chloe Papas

  • Perryinjax

    I am convinced Chris Brown knows someone who has a lot of power in the industry or is blackmailing them, or some other piece of information I am totally missing, because I have seen stars, politicians, and much more talented people go down and stripped of everything for doing less than what he did. Something with him just does not add up, every time i see him on a awards show or some other venue I get confused, thinking "Didn't he beat up a hugely popular woman and everyone is acting like it never happened?" I mean come on people, this is the same country that stripped an Olympic champion of his fame (and endorsements) just for smoking a little weed…. something just does not compute here.

  • Brady

    I'm proud to say that this review is from X-Press magazine in Perth, Western Australia – my home town.

  • Brady

    I'm proud to say that this review is from X-Press magazine in Perth, Western Australia – my home town.

  • Brady

    Oh, and the review was actually written by Chloe Papas. Chris Havercroft wrote an article above this piece.

  • Sandshoe

    From xpress magazine in Perth, Western Australia

    Reviewer = Chloe Papas

    (I thought i recognised the name Chris Havercroft on this article. He was actually the author of the review above this one)

  • Spiffo

    Unfortunately Mr Chris Havercroft has actually failed to properly attribute this review – it is NOT his work. The review was actually written by Perth-based music journo Chloe Papas and originally published in Perth Street Magazine X-Press (see Any comment Mr Havercroft?

  • dcal4282

    Just an FYI for everyone. The post was written by a woman named Chloe Papas who writes for a magazine out of Perth, Australia. You can find her on twitter Just google the name and you will find it..

  • Bill Wald

    LOVE the very last line that's almost cut off…


  • MohawkJon

    You don't hit women and when you do you shouldn't be in the light anymore. Fuck trying to cry at Michael Jackson tributes to get sympathy…
    You hit women, you should get hit.

  • Zola The Gorgon

    The review is by Chloe Papas. I think the "Chris Havercroft" sign-off is from a review above. See

  • Maffu

    Credit where credit is due please!
    This was actually written by Chloe Papas in X-Press Magazine. Chris Hevercroft's name is in the shot as it is underneath the preceding review.

  • Maffu

    Oops. I really need to work on reading the last post first. 🙂

  • Matt

    I know I probably shouldn't say this or feel this way-but I would really love to know this guy's block off.

  • cory

    Chive, stick to hot girls and funny pics. That's what you're good at. What's going to take a stand on gay marriage versus Chick Fil A?

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