Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • MattKL

    #10 Pwned

  • Shade

    #28 Like a Boss

  • rideroftoha

    #12 MOAR! #27 Boardslide FTW!

  • Zaedrus

    Bitch, I'm fabulous.

    #16, #24, #27, #28, #29

  • Sade

    #25 Okay, okay! Break up this cat fight!

  • noticed

    #18 girl in the back is mad, casue blonde has same pair of aviators.

  • Alex_5280

    Someone ram this thing off the road……

  • Minha Lenha

    If it closes in 3 minutes then they are still open. Duh?

  • JT3

    #18 ….wow. who is that?

  • Drsoos712

    #18 please tell me things that bounce thursdays are back!!!

  • Morgan

    #12 holy shitt

  • halfassed911

    #10 I DO WHAT I WANT

  • branden

    #18 ! oh ya! and also please bring back "things that bounce"

  • Nicnac

    #23 I hear what you did there…

  • jess

    #18 Butterface!

  • Jessiem

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  • ckron247

    #13 Being a good Parent: FAIL!

  • Zuke

    In relation to #12, I'd like to take this time to mention that makeup is unfair. Shit, just look at the raccoon eyes she's got going on. I'm not suggesting it looks bad, I'm not one of those people who pretends cosmetics don't look good and eye makeup especially tends to be hot, but man, why don't *we* have the option to artificially make ourselves look better? If we have any problems or anything that doesn't look good we have no real options. We get to deal with it. We get what our genes gave us. Plus then you can never be quite sure if a girl is really attractive or just really good at using makeup. I guess that's the ultimate goal, to fool people, but still.

    Oh, and the doggies in #25 say "Break it up!"


    #6 is what happens to a man after being abstinent for year

  • Stevenb

    #10 and #25

    so awesome

  • GuestShmest

    #4 has been done on the Chive before, but with bacon. So it was more awesome.

  • Steve Grenier


  • Billy

    #14 That challenger is defiantly 20% cooler

  • Twin Cities Girl

    #12 I want her rack.

  • http://tapiture.com/user/moeshere/ moeshere foxdale

    #12 Way fine… #3 And sorry to say she looks alittle like chucky's bride…scary….

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