If I ever meet the genius who came up with this, first round’s on me (33 photos)

  • TCSthesecond

    #28 so he thinks he is about to die? Hilarious!

  • erikhart

    #16 and #23 I got stuck on those for a while…

  • Willy

    More ads with sound GREAT! Oops forgot that sarcasm doesn't convey through text.

  • BR&Y

    #33 Awesome little guy!! Keep on smiling!! This pic made my day!! =D

  • svp

    #8 took me a second…. DAMMIT

  • Nightfly

    #4 has at least two more expressions than Kristen Stewart…

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  • rob

    totally racist

  • Bob

    #16 good technique

  • crystal

    #33 is so cute…keep smiling..:)

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