Nailed it. (41 photos)

  • twoscrewsloose


    occupie wall street/democratic/obama supporter/ protester

  • athos

    #21 is a jetski rental company on South Beach… I saw that van about 2 years ago and almost rearended the car in front of me

  • reaperACTUAL

    #3 all those minions be like "oh merh gerhd!!!!! Dat Ass!!!!" MOAR of this hottie PLEASE!

  • Jason M. Filak

    #30 oh cool! A map with cool little clever blurbs about particular areas of the U.S. I grew up in NJ… It's kinda small… Hmm what does it sa…. FUCK YOU! Asshole who created this bullshit map. Snooki… Really? Couldn't think of anything else, eh? One of the oldest states in the Union… And all you can come up with is Snooki? Read a book.

  • DSPA

    #21 is in Miami Beach. Its the promo vehicle for a jet ski rental company.

  • gimletmike

    #17 "…And all the boards did shrink…"

  • Mighty

    #15 and #20 looks like another case of women driving!

  • lilabyday

    #11 Philly chivette needs more Philly chivers!

  • Richardcranium

    15 is by my house but my neighborhood is light years away from that crack house land of valley park.

  • bigbolt007

    #33 Old Greg!!!! Fucking hilarious!! I like baileys its creamy!!!

  • Fuzzy Man Peach

    I'm Old Greg!!!

  • Nate

    #11 come on Chive. I hope y'all are not a bunch of liberal fucking fags !!!

  • Brandi

    So awesome.

  • Anomanom

    #37 Spengbab

  • Billy


  • Zuke

    #30 – I told everyone already, but god damn it if I won't say it again; PA sucks I'm moving to California. Look at that shit. We have 'historical landmarks'. So exciting. Then there's California down there just straight bein' the life of the party. It's BS man. It's BS.

  • blogdetik

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  • Chanda

    That's my cousin!!!

  • the_babe

    #26 *group of men slowly clapping*

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