LOL that splash nailed the oncoming car too

  • MylesofStyles

    So revenge consists of a free car wash?

  • passwordistaco

    That was awesome but where the hell is part 2! It was just about to get good!

    • AllanA

      Yah we need part 2, looks like the smaller car was going to get his revenge at the end of the video

  • vandinz

    lol how old is that cunt?

    • captain canuck

      You sound like an idiot using language like that.

      • Drew

        Captain Morals over here.

        Anyway, the video was kind of lame and anticlimactic.

  • shawn

    hah! that was awesome.

  • Pwnapotamus

    A good cameraman would have sped up to see what happened next.

  • passwordistaco

    Still better than hatchets and bats.

  • 541Dozer

    where"s the rest of the video?

  • Luimi_

    OH yea!!!..well imma wet your car bitch..

  • Nicnac

    the video cut off before the revenge… silliness.

  • saltygary

    NO WHY DID IT END!!!! He was going back for more. Shit.

  • Warren

    This need to be a TV show.

  • MforMadison

    In Russia, car chase you

  • Makkané

    You dont know anything about computers do you?

    • DCD

      He probably doesn't, but he clearly knows a thing or two about Russia.

  • knotmee

    I think perhaps you have no idea how the internet works…

  • knotmee

    here's a cable that will protect you from when other people go on to Russian websites and endanger you.

    oh, and you are a fucking moron.

  • kujhawklaw

    Why does everyone in Russia drive around with dash cams?

    • russian.butnotreally

      Insurance companies in russia make you, fraud is common and false claims happen quite a lot. Solution, everyone has a dash cam!

  • Mighty

    DIDNT STOP YOU FROM VIEWING AND POSTING THOUGH. Now how you gunna act sport?

  • jimctu

    at least he didn't get a shotgun and shot the car =P

  • Yoselahonda

    Note to self: Don't visit Russia. The country and especially its roads are populated with assholes.

  • electric boogalo

    Does everyone in Russia have a dash cam?

    • mshaw166

      was wondering the same thing

    • https://www.facebook.com/john.womble.14 John Womble

      If you lived in a place where shit like this was a daily occurrence you probably would too!

  • HerkemerHomolka

    Pathetic primitives. Are they all really so frustrated there?

    • Drew

      If you were a massive power like Russia and yet still never regarded by the external world as inferior to as the United States or Canada, wouldn't you be frustrated, too?

      • Drew

        superior* (fixed) haha

  • mike

    They have dash cams b/c people jump in front of cars and get hit for insuarance scams.

  • toogeekyforyou

    So I'm guessing you barely know how to work a pc from your little rant. How exactly long did it take to come up with that paragraph of stupidity? Does your head hurt?

    They use Macs, much less risk of virus or malware infections. You're just butt hurt because you probably went to sites that did infect your computer and have zero understanding of how computers work.

  • Katie

    Didn't really seem like revenge, i just looked like one asshole driving like a lunatic., I don't think the little car did anything wrong… unless the video really did get cut short.

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