Signs full of ‘WTF’ (30 Photos)

  • Fuhrer D


    For when your money is short.

    • Murphy, it's you

      I get neither the comedy of the sign nor this joke.

  • oliverklosov

    #7 Need that.

  • guest

    #27 really?

    • Trav1121

      Haha Yeah, we is! Love them edumicated gas station cashiers.

    • yeah

      the cashier is black …….just sayin lol

  • Dee


    Yeah no thanks

    • mike

      Hate it when people use our trader joes bags for something other then shopping….

  • whyme1973

    #15 Lot of cock to grab, there.

    • Pwnapotamus

      I'm really curious about the 100 plus assist option…

    • retrosparki

      During my college days working as a barman, this one regular Asian girl with a strong accent would approach me night after night ordering a cock or a double bells and cock. I could never keep a straight face.

  • LeftFlasherOn

    #10 Pictures or it didn't happen.

    • what

      Or what didn't happen? Fush? What is that?

      • Proof

        Maybe leftflasheron needs photo proof it was his b-day.

    • Ahrash

      Songs stuck in my head for the rest of the day now..

      • ThatsMyName

        ….an this is crazy, just did some bath salts & your face looks tasty. at least it won't be exactly the same now

  • cookit

    #9 must taste like shit

    • Alexandra

      You can get that in Vancouver, and it's probably the best breakfast I've ever had…

  • MIKEG01sf

    #21 seems legit

  • Pwnapotamus

    #2 Followed by banjos and "You've got a purty mouth."

    • A.j. Kulish

      this brings new meaning to the "river runs red" saying….

    • DickFister

      Taking the ol' dirt road

  • hoesgonnahoe

    #2 Must lead to a Chivette.

    • heywood jablowme

      or paula.

      • Oltimey

        or Paula's mom….. (I'm sorry someone had to throw the mama joke in there somewhere 🙂 )

        • because it's anal

          No they didn't. Way to lower the tone Oltimey! GOSH.

  • itstrue

    #11 Your regular Chivers.

    • Defrosty


      And yes, we are.

      • Oli

        No I think he meant "your" and he was implying Chivers are gay. Fuck him and KCCO!

        On a side note: That is a hilarious sign

        • Zuke

          Yes, because the rampant popularity of attractive women on this site is certainly an indicator that all the people here are homosexuals.

          Of course calling someone gay as a legitimate insult is sort of childish anymore anyway considering most adult males don't find being called gay to be offensive. Plenty of us (Well, by law I'm an adult. I sure don't feel like one most of the time) don't find the idea of being gay to be terrible or frightening or something. If I liked dudes I would like dudes. It kind of wouldn't be that big a deal.

          Anyways, no, unfortunately individuals such as yourself tend to be the type that is fairly common. Dumb clowns who write things that just scream "look at me, I have the maturity and mental faculties of a kid in early middle school!". Of course usually said individuals tend to also frequent posts focused on women because they've just discovered sex and the fact that women are attractive and thus feel the need to go around posting weird, creepy, sometimes dumb or irritating things in response, but that doesn't mean they can't take a few minutes off to go call people gay.

  • Sade

    #27 Cats work here.

  • Jame

    #12 Well, I don't know what I was expecting

    • @bdaley84

      I can't trust a mailman with this. This is important.

    • SySnootles

      You didn't eat that, did you?

  • Hawkeye

    #2 — That's how Chivette of the Week is selected.

    • hey_cw

      please go first I'll follow you in

  • Rick

    #4 Holy crap! Where is gas just a buck and a quarter?

    • ChrisDG74

      Pretty sure that's per LITRE. Canada maybe?
      124.9 x 3.75 = $4.68/gallon.

      • gottaclimb

        Yup, definitely Canada. That looks like an Irving truck stop…

    • Timberman

      that would be canada my friend. We charge by litre, not gallon.

    • @metz730

      It's in Canada. Sadly, it's $1.25/L.If my math is correct, it would be about $5/gal. It's our way of tricking tourists to come here.

    • Adam

      Per liter. Canada

    • Oli

      Just incase you didn't get the point after the first six people wrote the same thing. Maybe Cadnada. Oh and it's also sold by the litre just incase you missed that.

    • Blake

      thatd be 124 dollars

      • c-man

        no its 124.9 cents … i guess in hopes of it going down below a dollar again

    • johnyemen

      Haha this is in my home town of Renfrew Ontario canada. Swt ass!

  • chesterdrawers

    #8 Wow, they come with accessories now? Like what, 4×4 pickup with rebel flag on back glass?

    • Mr Man

      For all your aryan electrical needs…

  • Dan

    #5 is on St. Pete Beach, FL.

  • passwordistaco

    #18 Like we have to be told, come on everybody checks for penguins.

  • Jin Jung

    #20 1 in 3 in Louisiana is illiterate, so good luck with that.

    • Fuckoff

      I'm from Louisiana. Math is my weakness. That's why I cheat off you human calculators. Prick.

    • Underbaker

      So if you are in Louisiana and the 2 people next to you look healthy, you might as well go get a couple of Croissan'wiches at BK and go out happy.

    • lostmittenregistry

      *are* illiterate. Who's illiterate now?

      • Rexfelis

        Actually, that would be you. "1 in 3 in Louisiana is illiterate." ONE person [in three] IS illiterate. Lesson ends.

        The kicker? I'm from Baton Rouge…

        • lostmittenregistry

          Touche. I am wrong & humbled. (p.s. First time in the history of internet comments that someone has admitted they're wrong!!)

          • Rexfelis

            Big deal. I admitted I was from Baton Rouge…

      • ZachBob

        "Are" sounds correct, though.

  • Every commenter

    #16 It's about time someone started selling them to-go! I'm so sick of having to use them in the store.

  • Every commenter

    #23 I can eat Church's chicken while my car gets washed? That's more appropriate for "Want vs. Need" than it is for "WTF Signs"!

  • B Dub

    #16 Times, they are changing. Back in my day we'd just take our Chivette's into the store and use those condoms right there in the aisle…..?….. Wow. What do they really expect you to do with them!?!

  • B Dub

    Hey Chive, did you guys change something on your site that affects mobile devices from reading comments correctly, or is it an Intense Debate issue? The photos get huge and cover up the comments. As bad as the floating ads!!!

    • Murphy, it's you

      Also, integrate the actual site comments with the Android app comments and the app might actually be worth using.

  • ElecMan

    Someone needs to give #1 their 2 cents back. Crooked thieves.

  • Applefish

    #11 So, is it pro-gay, anti-cigarettes, or anti-gay (NO-BUTTS)???

    • louistulley

      Imagine if his gay lover saw 1 800 NO BUTTS in his call history

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