User submit: "an interesting day in Oklahoma City" (8 Photos)

  • etcrr

    Ya gotta clean them up sometime, Good on you guys

    • puppet master

      welcome back stan. how was jail? or was it the nut house again?

  • Scott

    Love the reference to "1%ers" like that's the reason. This country will continue to be divided as long as people keep making excuses like this.

    • UN-Impressed

      That's the name of the Bikers group you idiot

      • GBA

        1%er is a reference to a group of bikers that have killed someone for the club. They earn a 1% patch. This patch is an honor for most outlaw bikers.

  • sunnyakc blog

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  • Dan

    From a fellow LEO, good job guys.
    And the bikers called themselves 1% long before the protestors. I think it was the president of the Hells Angels stated 99% of bikers are normal people with normal jobs, but they are the 1% (refering to being in a biker gang).

    • GBA

      Dan, 1%ers are the 1% of outlaw bikers who have killed in the name of the club. Any outlaw biker group with 1%ers in is called a 1%er club aka hells angels, mongols etc

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