Chiver babies don’t suck (35 photos)

  • ATI

    Actually, all babies suck. And that includes me when I was younger. We all were fuckin miserable little shits. Don't let nostalgia fool you.

  • B5oo

    33– they see me rollin … They hatin' … Trying to catch me riding' dirty

  • Michael

    #27 That is classic

  • justin

    #8 Chris Farley has returned to us to make comedy movies awesome again!!!

  • FuBaR

    Is it me or does #8 look like a baby Chris Farley?

  • Derpyneenee

    Don't know if this is an awesome post or just parents failing.


    #23 Well done little buddy!! Chive On and Fuck Cancer!

  • Drunkendave


    Hats off to you lad.

  • Chris

    some people seriously shouldn't be allowed to have kids

  • MohawkJon

    Straight ballin'

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  • galf

    #7 I could see this being a scene from a horror movie. BLARRRGH!

  • jill

    23…Brave kid ! If you have coped with cancer you can cope with anything…absolutely delighted for you.
    Good luck!

  • Bob

    #21…I'm not a fan of these new names that kids have like "Ryder", but I am also a wall leaning pisser, so good for you kid.

  • Cass

    5, 10, 17… you make me want kids! 23 and 25, rock on and stay strong

  • TJTJ

    Hilarious photoshop of a KARDOUCHEIAN brand douche.

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