Houses that, simply put, aren’t normal (35 Photos)

  • etcrr

    #6 would be cool to own

    • testudo321

      Already owned by Troy McClure. It is where he sleeps with fishes.
      But you may remember him from nature films like Man Vs Nature… The Road To Victory or Earwigs, Ew; or traffic educational film Alice's Adventures Through The Windshield Glass; or the self help video Smoke your self thin. Oh an don't forget the Fuzzy Bunny's Guide To You-Know-What.

    • MM9

      In La Jolla, CA

    • etcrr's puppetmaster

      I bet it's nicer than the roach infested shithole of a trailer you and your momma rent now, isn't that right stan?

  • map

    #12 needs to be on some acreage. The rest are architects on acid.

    • Zaedrus

      Or just as likely: clients on acid.

  • scooter

    wish I lived in an ATAT

  • collin

    #10 would be perfect for zombie protection. haha!! sick houses

  • Xdannydx

    #11 #16 #26 are spite houses purely built to annoy others.


    #34 On Canyon Lake near Lubbock, Texas.

  • Anonymous

    I used to drive past #8 going to my grandparents house as a kid. Pretty cool.

  • Golfcarlos8

    #5 is in gurnee il

  • cnix

    #34 Is in Lubbock,TX.

  • Jon

    Is #4 from the movie Heat?

    • Tae

      Im pretty sure its a house at Fairhaven on the Great Ocean Rd in Australia. It's the beach my parents took me to when I was little. It would have to have an amazing view

  • Zaedrus

    #12 FTW. Anyone recognize it? More info?

    • Jezebel

      Search for swoopy house in Hampstead , Montreal.
      Sorry, about all I can tell you.

  • Zaedrus

    #24 Bart Prince, architect.

  • kino-schmid

    #10 Jenga anyone?

  • phoenixv8

    #12, #15, #29

    Would totally live there…

  • marko

    #22 Cista Velika, Croatia

  • Kathy

    #5 is right outside Chicago, Used to be able to tour it, I heard Its really not that special inside.

    • thatoneguy

      Right, just north of Gurnee. You can see it off 294. I went to school with that dudes kid. Was a decent guy.

  • Jeremy

    #15. When I was a kid I'd look for "the Jetson's" house every time my family drove to Denver from Summit..

  • Ahrash

    dont think ill ever step foot in #27

    • bill nimmo

      its in windsor uk bill from london england

  • RedRaider

    34 ransom canyon, texas

  • lajee

    that is where the asura live o_O

  • Micheline Garavito

    #26 Silly muggles, someone's using an undetectable extension charm

  • Matt Pitner

    #15 The "Space House" just outside Denver! I always drive by this, always wanted to go inside

  • Aaron G

    #22…i want to go to there

  • Snunners

    #19 Anyone else think this house looks like one of the lions from Voltron?

  • wkdfrog
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