Houses that, simply put, aren’t normal (35 Photos)

  • MisterZ

    Can't believe that nobody pointed out that #15 was used for exteriors in the Woody Allen film "Sleeper"

  • Rahl

    #34 is in ransom canyon, Texas out side of Lubbock. The guy built it and went belly up, looks like someone finally bought it, I say that due to the fact it now has windows :-).. Wreck'em!

  • drtyjrz

    #1 is right around the corner from my house. Funny seeing it on the Chive. I don't even notice how weird it is anymore, with the chair on top and all.

  • Outlaw

    #23 Our house was picked up and tossed by a tornado…fuck it, it's fine.

  • Scott

    Southeast of Lubbock, TX overlooking Ransom Canyon. I knew Robert Bruno during the couple of decades it took him to build it. Passed away in 2008.

  • guest

    #18 Halifax represent! I used to live behind there when I went to Uni!

  • fresh.ta.death

    #29 is badass.

  • Tae

    #4 is Fairhaven on the Great Ocean Road, overlooking one of the beaches that would be in my top 5

  • The_Hellequin

    Wasn't this an office building in one of the Leisure Suit Larry games?


  • Dawn

    #3 I've seen Hellraiser and I am not going in there!

  • Ryan Shelley

    #4 Is on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria Australia, One of the best Driving Roads in the world

  • Bob

    #4…No, just no. I wouldn't even set foot in there.
    #23…Detail is key.

  • djjacobb

    #10…. Who is up for a game of Jenga?

  • JohnnyBe

    #11 Boston spite house

  • Chuck

    My sister lived in #18. Halifax, NS, Canada.

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