That’s no ordinary family pet (6 Photos)


  • Galen

    Still a better pet than any cat!

  • ckron247

    Bacon, it what she would have wanted!

  • brad

    mmmmmmmm…… Bacon!

  • JarikCBol

    I'd like to meet the joker that sold them a normal baby pig, and told them it was a 'micro pig'

  • Seattle

    fucking shoot it…

  • joey

    Wait, Paris Hilton "has" a pig or "is" a pig?

  • tuita jan

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  • ahhhhhfuckyou

    This is what happens when you buy a couch at IKEA.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Put the food outside, I bet it goes outside. Considering it is supposed to be a micro-pig, it is probably to heavy to walk and should become pork chops.

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