theCHIVE’s KCCO and BFM Global Launch is a go!

globe destruction launch theCHIVEs KCCO and BFM Global Launch is a go!

theCHIVE is a global community and today/tonight we’re happy to make the original KCCO Green and BFM available at a reasonable hour to our Chivers abroad. For our U.S. Chivers burning the midnight oil, thanks for staying up for this special event.

The original KCCO Green available RIGHT HERE.

Bill Fucking Murray and BFM 3D available RIGHT HERE.

Two more awesome noteworthy items:

KCCO Big Badass Coffee Mugs available right here.

The brand new Chive Logo Poster (which looks sweet as hell) available right here.

UPDATE: All sizes SOLD OUT. Congrats to everybody who got a shirt and thanks to all of our Chivers abroad for this idea.

  • babyfartmagizax

    Prepare for a global crash! And congrats to whoever finally achieves a shirt. TheChive shirts available as well while they last!

    • Epitomizer

      Got that Bill F'ing Murray baby!

    • McChiver

      There are currently over 16,000 people on the Chivery! Epic!

    • Trav1121

      You remember back when Mick Foley was commish for the WWE and he would always include the location's name, so the crowd would cheer and applaud, just because? 'A title fight tonight… right here in St. Louis!' That is a 'cheap pop'. You have taken the 'cheap pop' to such a low and disgusting level that it is now located at the bottom of the hole where Paula_ shits in her underground troll cave. I hope you are proud. Fucking, pathetic hack…

      • humperdink

        Says one of Paula's pathetic minions.. Who cares already..

        • Trav1121

          Seriously, dude, if you can't tell the quality difference between Paula_ and Fartfuck, I don't have the time or patience to explain it to you. And if you STILL don't get what 'Paula_' represents, then I truly pity your feeble mind.

          • humperdink

            Example of Paula's comments : FIIIUUUURSSSTTT BITCHES!!! When really she's 7th or 8th…. If you call that quality, I believe you are the one lacking some intelligence my friend. Oh sorry… Paula_…. Fuck what a loser

          • travagina

            Get over yourself, fuckstick

          • Paula_

            So tell me already! I don't have a fucking clue what I represent! Enlighten your beloved Paula!

            ❤ BabyShartsInPacks

            – 1. Twinkle twinkle little star,
            – 2.: …………………………………………………………….

            • Trav1121

              You asked and here it is, at long last! It is a novel so read at your own risk!

              Paula_ is the balance that gives the Chivers someone to mutually dislike. She is the anti-John. John will leave a comment and it will get a ton of thumbs up. Not because it is important or significant (no offense), but simply because it is John. Paula_, on the other hand, will leave a comment and, irregardless of what it contains, will get thumbs down. Paula_ hasn't admitted outright, but has eluded quite obviously that 'she' is a Chive employee. Now, why would a Chive employee want a negative rating? Quite simply because 'she' is playing a part. Paula_'s comments are blatantly and deliberately obnoxious or enraging. Just look at the testemonials and you'll see that she knows how to get under people's skin and does it on purpose. She is the perfect definition of a troll. She knows what pisses people off and she goes right at it, with wit and skill. Don't be fooled by misspellings or an out-of-sync 'First!' They are by design. She finds the 'irk' nerve in people and exploits it, relentlessly. And people fall for it… HARD!

              That is what makes her important to the Chive. She aggrivates and annoys an emotional response out of the Chivers. It is trolling with a purpose and she embraces it. She has a wicked sense of humor and under the alias of 'Paula_', she can pretty much say whatever she wants. Mac has the quirky persona, John has the 'Face of the Franchise'/hero persona and Paula_ has the all-out, balls-to-the-wall, irritating but endearing persona. She is the satisfying burp after a long, cool drink of beer.

              Now, why do I think 'she' is Bob? Obsession with Redheads, comments started around the same time as his hiring, rips into Mac and John like they are best friends and he is the only 'Big Name' Chive guy that doesn't have a comment account. I mean, look at his Tapiture pic. He looks like an engenious bastard and loves it! Do I know for sure? No. But I would bet my rare Irish KCCO on it.

              • MylesofStyles

                The word is "regardless". "Irregardless", if the word actually existed, would mean "not without having regard". You're welcome.

                • Trav1121

                  If that is all you found in that entire thing that I typed on my phone, I pretty much rocked it. Haha

                  • MylesofStyles

                    You rocked the shit out of it. It's "engenious".

                    • Trav1121

                      Well, at least you read it thoroughly. 🙂

                    • MylesofStyles

                      Not really, but I could if you wish. I'm not going to lie, though. It "aggrivates" me a little to have to read it again, but I'm always happy to help.

                  • Paula_

                    You're such a lovely minion… ❤

                    – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)
                    – Anti-Fan : (second comment thread)

                    • MylesofStyles

                      You wish.

              • MarthaJeane

                But…. Bob has an Intense Debate account…

              • Paula_

                Welllll, not going to tell you here where you were spot on 'n all, but you DO owe me that Irish KCCO!

                – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)
                – Anti-Fan : (second comment thread)

                • Jake

                  Paula, I love you. He obviously did not take into consideration that you have said you made hump day, BYB, and many other posts. If he did, he clearly would have ruled out the "bob" theory. I may not know who you are – your hints in your pictures are impossible to find – but I hope that you continue to submit pictures so one day we (me) will figure out who the mysterious Paula_ is.

      • Underbaker

        Must be why I to am a minion of Paula, I understand the mentality of wrestling. Anybody can be made into a Face, but good Heels are hard to come by.

    • J.B.

      Not sure if me and my buddy are the only ones that caught this, but not only did we get the BFM and Green KCCO's, but theChive also had the elusive Black KCCO's on sale tonight as well, which we luckily snagged one each of. Just letting everyone else know. Thank you, Chive. You made my fucking week.

      • James

        they had the black ones on there? must be like the first people on there got them or something because i just got a KCCO and i didnt see any in black.

        • McChiver

          You have to find the link for them. But, I won't tell. Takes the fun out of it!

        • Adrian

          the black shirts are hidden…and they are still available…;)

          • Indeed

            Looks like the BFM3D are still available too…

        • Eric Holder


      • Tanya

        Yeah I saw the black one too! Spent way too much, yet not enough.

    • Ryan

      I have 3 KCCOs so I left someone else get one on this fine evening.

    • Paula_

      Whaaaaat, it started already? I'm late AGAINSIES?!!?? Damn, I'll never get one this way.

      Anywaysies, on a more important subject: how are your [F5] button and index finger doing?

      – Fan testimonial: "I bet in real life Paula (whos name might be something else) might seem really nice, and not a troll. Sometimes people just fall into a roll and they run with it. Paula, you seem to write things for the purpose of getting reactions out of everyone. I have a hunch that you might be pretty cool to hang out with in the real world. – Dave"

  • Jensen

    Thank You! KCCO from Prague!!!

  • Jim

    from everybody stationed here in Germany, KCCO

    • sjd

      Stay safe brothers

  • El_profe

    Got my BFM and green KCCO shirt. And then my interwebs crashed 🙂

    • Who cares

      Who gives a shit about Bill Murray! Seriously.

  • Andre

    Got mine!!!

  • Brendan

    Got one! Thanks Chive, KCCO!

  • The anti-dbag

    The servers are dead already. BOOM

    • Cyberfunker

      Just keep calm, I just got one. The servvers are a lil' slow. End up with 4, drop 3 kept 1.

  • Admam

    Yes, got my BFM shirt, thanks from Perth, Australia 🙂

    • fash202

      got the BFM3d and norm 😀

      • BrisbaneChiver

        We need an Australian Chivers meet imo

        • dave

          except we are all different ends of the country. everyone meet in the middle?

          • AussieChivette

            I vote Melbourne!

            • Lower

              i'm with dave. meet in the middle. stoked i finally ordered 2 shirts. but now the wait til they get here.

  • THH

    I got mine! A few minutes beforehand haha.

    • !!!

      Me to!

      • mmustizer

        Same here! Thanks for the early nab!

    • CanucksRule

      same!! got in at 8:57pm in vancouver, canada!! KCCO ERRBODY!!

    • CCzar

      Hahahah got mine a few minutes early too!

    • Caitlin

      Me too! 😉

  • Yoga Pants 2012

    All this planning, settings alarms, and you don't sell the black KCCO. This is bs. I already have all the other ones 😦

    Why you no let us know Chive!

    • Gotmine

      Black was on sale twice tonight actually….

    • Chivette2

      They had the black KCCO up 2 hours ago, still was available minutes ago 😉

    • Loki89t

      I got a black one.

    • raforce

      Oh no! It was nu an easter egg through the globe! TWO HOURS AGO

    • BrisbaneChiver

      Look for a globe

    • Black KCCO

      It came up 2hrs ago in the globe

    • CanucksRule

      i got a black one too.

    • Brian

      black was on sale 2 hours earlier bro, i checked again after getting my green and BFM and it didnt say sold out, go check!

    • xsacredhonourx

      I bought a black KCCO about 4 minutes to midnight. They were there but you had to hunt them down.

    • Rick Ross

      Noob. Everyone knows the KCCO blacks are found somewhere in the bookshelf or the globe at the bottom of the site.

      • dave

        you dont have to be a dick about it, most of us never bought shirts because they're always on sale at 3am hence the global launch…

    • another chiver

      There is black kcco in globe at bottom of main page

      • James

        you sir just made my day. i was so saddened U didnt get a KCCO black but then! you come along and notify me of this wonderful find. thank you good sir

    • Justin

      For those of you who were not so lucky this morning, I've got an extra KCCO Black men's large from the June 21st launch that I have just posted on eBay. I wanted to give Chivers first crack at it. Here's the link:

      Best of luck and Chive On!

  • Outlaw

    Bagged the green KCCO and regular BFM shirts. They actually went online a few minutes early. Haha, Chive On!

    • Epitomizer

      I know. It was F5 F5 F5, Go!

      • Outlaw

        Felt like a success kid moment.

        Checked into the Chivery early for no real reason.
        New merch up.
        Snag it before official sale time begins.
        |,,|, ^_^ ,|,,|

    • Outlaw

      Since I'm on the front page here, I'll let y'all know. Just checked in again, and most of the stuff is still in stock…including the Black KCCO's, if you know where to look!

  • Cowthang

    Order Placed Successfully!!! Whoooohooooo!

  • Black KCCO

    I'm glad I got my KCCO black

  • Jeremy S

    Got one of each!! KCCO!!

  • Csubi

    Got One for me and the Chivette!!!!!!

  • stock194

    Shirts were up 2 minutes early! Got my Chiver a BFM shirt! (ps black ones in the globe were up two hours ago)

    • Brian

      saw that while trying to decide which BFM i was gonna get..just scrolling through pictu….oh snap! add to cart!! lol

  • Kate Miller-Fontaine

    I finally got mine! Thanks guys!

  • Aaron

    Got my BFM and wife's KCCO on the first try!!!! Made my fucking night. KCCO from Vegas

  • Crown Husker

    GOT ONE!

    Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

  • nuttlebutter

    Got one…finally!

  • BrisbaneChiver

    Very happy Chiver from down under. Black KCCO, Green KCCO & Bill Fucking Murray 3D all in one day. Good luck everyone.

    • Sio

      Those are the same ones I have!! Chive on!

  • The anti-dbag

    Oh and I already have a KCCO Black and BFM, so I wont be ordering tonight. Share the love for other chivers.

  • Dawn Melton

    YES! Scored both my BFM shirt and new KCCO shirts! ❤ you Chive! KCCO!!

  • Joe

    got my BFM 3D and my lady a BFM at 11:57pm in Boston. Also got a black KCCO at 10pm!!! You gotta know where to look!

    • CanucksRule

      I got my black KCCO earlier tonight, but scored a green KCCO and BFM 3D at 8:57pm in Vancouver, Canada.

      I know our hockey teams hate each other, but I'm all good with you. KCCO!!

      • Joe

        Woo Hoo! The only sad thing is i just about completed the collection, although the chase is still on for a DAR and/or the classic Chive.

        • CanucksRule

          I just need a red KCCO and I'm done my collection. We should be this excited for t-shirts, but hell… why not!!

          • Canucks_Rule


    • another chiver

      Where was the black kcco

      • CanucksRule

        in the globe at the bottom of the chivery site.

    • drewggles

      yea but im tired of havin to go thru ur moms closet after u n the other 6 dudes that bang her get done, rifling thru for ur allowance…little bitch

      • Joe

        You sir, are a giant douche.

  • Andre

    And the black KCCO are loose too

    • Big Pauly

      Fuck yeah! Got a Mind the Gap the other day and a KCCO tonight! Chicago Road Crew represent!

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