theCHIVE’s KCCO and BFM Global Launch is a go!

globe destruction launch theCHIVEs KCCO and BFM Global Launch is a go!

theCHIVE is a global community and today/tonight we’re happy to make the original KCCO Green and BFM available at a reasonable hour to our Chivers abroad. For our U.S. Chivers burning the midnight oil, thanks for staying up for this special event.

The original KCCO Green available RIGHT HERE.

Bill Fucking Murray and BFM 3D available RIGHT HERE.

Two more awesome noteworthy items:

KCCO Big Badass Coffee Mugs available right here.

The brand new Chive Logo Poster (which looks sweet as hell) available right here.

UPDATE: All sizes SOLD OUT. Congrats to everybody who got a shirt and thanks to all of our Chivers abroad for this idea.

  • Alex Pullen

    I'm very saddened that I wasn't able to get one for my wife and I. just gotta KCCO and try again next time. 😦

  • @OwenCamera

    Awesome! Got myself a green KCCO shirt at last here in the UK. I kept it calm at 4.45am when my alarm went off. Happy Chiver

  • Frederik

    Aparently none were available in Thailand? 😦 I KCCO anyway – happy for my fellow chivers!

    • Shiguy

      Yes, they keep shirts away from the Thailand internet.

  • Nick

    After 6 months of trying I got 4. 2 BFM one for my beautiful chivette and 2 KCCO.
    Thankyou from downunder!!!
    They were 2 minutes early.
    I've never entered my details so fast!!!!'

  • Nick

    After 6 months of trying I got 4. 2 BFM one for my beautiful chivette and 2 KCCO.

  • Joe

    Yes!!! I got one!! Chive on from a very happy postman in Dublin, Ireland

  • Drewggles

    yep i fuckin hate u guys, go fuck yourselves, weird i work til 6am cst for the first time in years…n who gets fucked over…me. congrats to allll the duckface whores that got a tee. u didnt deserve it. im never coming to this website again…fuck the chive. no good, cocky, dick eatin retards. the only one whos even close to funny is mac and u r all retarded. dare u to send me an email.

    • Nick

      One word…..cock!

    • Pickles

      Woah dude, you need to simmer down… don't go blaming it on other people for having to work.

    • TxChivette

      Wow… What a freak. Someone is having a fit this morning… He'll be back.

    • Canucks_Rule

      k bye!!

  • Abby

    Got my Chiver and I both black KCCO and 3-D BFM!! =D

  • Dyllan

    I'm glad that I was finally able to get a KCCO Black shirt!! Congrats to anybody else who was able to get one, and keep calm and chive on to anyone else who was unable to get one, you'll be able to soon enough!!

  • Justin

    Got a 3D BFM at might…stoked!
    KCCO from London, Ontario,Canada

  • TxChivette

    Got mine lastnight too!!! Have a pink KCCO but have been waiting for the green one. Got it! Woo hooooo. Thanks Chive!!! 🙂

  • Bryan

    Finally got my KCCO and BFM shirts

  • Sean

    I have a charge on my card for a shirt…but no confirmation email…

    • Brandon

      Same here.

  • Tony

    And if you scrolled allllll the way down, you would have seen the CHIVEON! Discount code for 10% off.

  • Cin


  • Newfie Chiver

    Got my KCCO shirt and my BFM shirt, along with my canadian KCCO last week, this has been a great early birthday gift,,to bad i did'nt know about the black being hidden the way they were,,oh well KCCO until next time,,,

  • Bill Badnaruk

    Damn, wish I could tell time, I thought it was going on at 12pm. Missed that opportunity! Although, the chivery never notified me that it was back in stock. Please check the system.

    • Guest

      The global launch has been advertised on the chive for quite awhile now…

    • Canucks_Rule

      i got an email for the black one.

  • Whity

    I'd like to get that blowing earth picture in 1920×1080:P

  • Just A. Jason

    I appreciate you wanting them to be a "hot item", but fuuuuuck. This process is irritating. And the "notify me when they are back in stock" bullshit sure as hell doesn't work. All I want is an o.g. BFM shirt. You are going to make me have to go around you and bust out my screen printing unit. Then I'll sell them to anyone who has been shafted by your process.

    • Shiguy

      Way to go tool. Oh yeah….it is so hard to get one…I have all the shirts, and it takes some time, but ……….fuck it you are just a tool.

      • Just A. Jason

        I see you're an anonymous user by the name of "Shiguy" – but I'M the tool?! Riiiiight. Just by calling yourself "ShiGuy" and admitting you have all of the shirts lets me know exactly what kind of person you are. A douche who needs all the help he can get to try to attract the opposite (or same, BiGuy??!?) sex. I bet you throw that shirt on and head out to the bar saying "This is the night! This is the night someone will notice me and my shirt!" And then??? Nothing. You get a few Chive-Ons and maybe a pat on the back. But you still go home alone and jerk it to the kind of women (or men!!) that will never touch your tiny penis without an exchange of funds. So instead of trolling into the 11th page of comments (11, really?! 11????) why don't you try that Mail Order Bride business. You might just find a willing participant in the penis touching game. For money of course.

  • Ryan Marie Pendarvis

    I got mine and I'm so excited.
    My Chive gear: Blue military KCCO, White military KCCO, Green Military KCCO, a DAR shirt, 3 pairs of Chivette boy shorts, and now, the elusive Green KCCO and a BFM shirt! I am so excited!!

  • Justin

    For those of you who were not so lucky this morning, I've got an extra KCCO Black men's large from the June 21st launch that I have just posted on eBay. I wanted to give Chivers first crack at it. Here's the link:

    Best of luck and Chive On!

  • Hunter Dale

    If supply met the demand every fair weather chiver walking down the street would be representing KCCO. It is a dedication. We all appreciate you serving in the military, but be realistic. And remember to KCCO!

  • stevedave

    I was very happy to get a couple shirts and some other KCCO stuff as well… but what's up with the shipping costs Chive? Does it really cost almost $10 to send a shirt regular mail to Canada???
    I love this site, but it seems like that is a little excessive. I will pay whatever for a shirt, but don't try to make extra money on the shipping.

  • is awesome

    no self respecting Englishman is up at 5am NONE

  • @Jimmy_williams3

    Was anyone able to get a gray/orange BFM??

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