Would you like to run into Nicole Wilkins-Lee? (22 Photos)

Nicole Wilkins-Lee is a professional fitness competitor and gym owner. She wins most competitions she enters, including this years IFBB Arnold Classic. Is she too strong for you?

  • boob_cuddle

    #4 #22 she's got a sweet ass.

    • ps86

      yea but the farther you scroll the worse it gets

    • Big_James

      She is pretty hot. These pictures don't do her justice as these photos are all like pre comp photos. Jamie Eason looks amazing but a bit scary when you see her pre comp. When they drop that final bit of BF for comp they don't look spectacular but off season… yummy.

      • ps86

        im sorry did you just say "yummy"?

        • GodBless

          Dude, the only guys who use "yummy" in reference to women, are the creepy guys…

          • Slim Jim

            i've said it in bed before, they all kinda liked it.

    • Lululemon

      John, need MOAR yoga pants gallery.

    • scooter 925

      that body, you didnt build that!!!!!

      • USF Bull Rugger

        Ha…Obama references.

        I see what you did there..

    • Samhedi

      Nice to see a fit girl with natural boobs. She looks amazing.

  • IrishInNJ

    Truly gorgeous but the arms are a bit scary…Popeye Babe.

    • Terrence

      Exactly. Too much arm. Everything else is fine by me.

    • Herbie

      #11 forget the arms, she turned her boobs into pecs!! Travesty.

      • 1C451

        #21 Under pec???

    • Frosty

      I would tongue punch her fartbox for hours.

      • Dork

        That was funny the first time I heard Tosh say it

    • wdh

      #13 Yes Dear.. I'll make my own sandwich..

    • Lotus

      Getting really sick of the chive posting a muscular girl then asking: "WOULD YOU?!?!?!?!?!!??!1" twice a week.

      Its been done a thousand times, yes most would, give us something new.

  • ChestRockwellz

    #7. I wouldnt kick her out of bed

    • Bubba

      Second that!

    • morebeer

      She could probably throw you out of bed though

      • ChestRockwellz

        True story!

    • itsyourfault

      you mean you couldn't kick her out of bed

    • Bones

      Unless she wanted to do it on the floor

      • mishai

        hmm in that case she probably thow you on floor:D

    • SETXN

      I'd kick her out of bed, and finish on the floor!

    • joe

      no but she damn sure could kick you out!

    • emu90

      you spelt "couldn't" wrong, mate

  • MOAR


    • Bob Loblaw

      You couldn't kick her out of bed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/garrett.maxwell.77 Garrett Maxwell

      I bet she would be the one doing the kicking.

    • Spencer

      Best old fashion giver ever….
      Me-I am done babe…..
      Her- tough it out babe I don't have the arm pump I am looking for yet!

  • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

    #22 #3 yess mann!!! like if there was a balance for my strong ladies, this would be it

  • Elad

    I would much rather run into her friend in # 7

    • Pic


  • Tattoo701

    Someone stole her tits

    • bringbacktheboobs

      Thank god someone said it. I like a woman with a woman's body. She is beautiful but could probably beat my ass on the fly machine

      • The_Dood

        That's what I was thinking. Yeah, she looks good, but I prefer my women with tits instead of pecs.

      • Walls

        I was yhinking the same thing. She's fit and all, but where did her boobs go ?

      • Person

        +1 Add some body fat and gain boobs = really hot lady

    • chesterdrawers

      I dreamed I sucked them off…

    • warcity

      ohh but there back. Its looks like when she was younger she had no boobies at all. Then all of a sudden she has nice breasts.. Makes you go uhmmm?

    • adMANistrator

      They look great in #1 but then in #11 they look like the man boobs on that skinny guy in the gym that works out everyday but never gets any bigger. But yeah I would just for #22.

    • Dave

      During a competition they decrease in size because they are cutting all fat out of their diet. During off season they come back. Like in the first picture.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RoryU2fan Rory McIntyre

    Winning big style.

  • http://twitter.com/I_Johannes @I_Johannes

    #22 Yes please. Yes indeed I would. Gotta go to find my sneakers and start running…

  • Ouch

    No, running into her would just hurt!

    • saltygary

      What would hurt is the death grip her gina puts on from all the kegal exercises she does.

      • Ouch

        You should try to get the ladies wet. That helps against the grip. It also feels nice.

  • DOVA

    Yeh a bit too much for me.

    • Hugh

      Agree. Self-appreciation level 999

  • GetBackInTheKitchen

    And this is why women belong in the kitchen.

    • Murphy, it's you

      Aaaand it's official, the "women in the kitchen" comments are worse than "first" comments.

    • Trixi

      I'd put strychnine in your coffee.


    • roxy

      well i thought it was funny

    • CanadianChivette

      So that we can gain weight and then listen to you men bitch about how we've "let ourselves go" all so you can hide in the bathroom with your delicious fucking sandwich we made you, and jerk off to Kate Upton!

      And you think women are hard to figure out..

      • Kristen

        Hahaha!!! The retarded CanadianChivette can't keep a man. You're a fat fuck, huh?

        • Rose

          And Kristen is secretly butt hurt and wonders why she can't keep one so she takes out her pent up aggression on others to make herself feel better. You're a bitchy little ankle biter aren't ya?

        • CanadianChivette

          Awe, you're so cute when you're mad! Actually, I'm married with two children, and in pretty nice shape for having two kids. I just can't stand chauvinistic men who think all woman belong behind a kitchen counter. Maybe that's the difference between you and I. I can handle my men, and be equally superior in my home. Then again, most of us Canadian girls are that way 😉

          • Kristen

            I'm Canadian…and your husband is fucking your best friend.

            • CanadianChivette

              Well you're a poor excuse for a Canadian. And I'm guessing you're speaking from experience. You, my dear, need to find yourself a therapist, and learn how to act like a respectable human. Maybe then your husband, or boyfriend, or whatever the fuck it is you get yourself into, won't go sleeping around on ya. I actually kind of feel bad for you, having to act tough on the Internet, just so you feel good. Grow up little girl.

  • anon

    Well good news is, she probably has as much testosterone as any guy, so she'd be DTF all day errday

    • Jruss


  • passwordistaco

    #22 "into" maybe not, but I'd run behind her all day long.

  • steve o

    Nice balance between feminine and built.

  • Derp_Free_Zone

    #1 Ahhh those legs, so nice.

  • http://twitter.com/TheRealGroome @TheRealGroome

    If we ran into one another, she would run over me.

  • ZRT6

    Yes, yes, oh for the love of all that his holy, YES. Skinny chicks, stop it — THIS is perfection.

  • Funk Monkey

    She looks much better when she isn't in "competition mode" i.e. dehydrated, vascular as fuck and pumped up. I'd take #1 over #18 any day.

    • Guest :)

      just my thoughts as well! Off season, "hydrated" en natural looking boobs…

  • Randy

    #22 ….i'd suck a fart outta her ass for sure

    • nouu

      I'm with you bro, anybody that doesn't think this is hot is..well there just scared.

    • billy

      that's hilarious

    • Zuke

      I'm not with either of you.

      That has nothing to do with her looks. It has to do with the fact that I'm not sure who the hell looks at a fine ass and thinks "Gee, I'd sure like to suck a fart out of her ass." That's just kind of fucked up. I mean, to each their own, but keep that shit to yourself. Jeez.

  • gus

    She looks incredible, definitely would

  • trainer

    I would for sure… but she does need more in the chest area

  • Dave

    #17 all day long. When she isnt pumped up she got, oh………. a smokin body, could use some LBP's

  • Joe

    Anybody who thinks she's too big or too muscular needs take the tampon out and hit the gym a few times themselves.

    • Damian

      More than just a few times, considering this chick is probably working out 7 days a week with two workouts a day. Besides she is probably only into male bodybuilders.

    • Slip

      I think your dick either shrunk or fell off from roids.

  • Murphy, it's you

    What an amazing woman. To achieve so much so quickly is very impressive!

    As far as looks go, her body is lean and she has a beautiful face but I prefer a woman with bigger boobs. Call me shallow but that's a deal-breaker.

    • Fletch

      Yep the tits need a little more

    • etcrr

      The tat is the deal breaker for me

      • Kristen

        Riiiiight!! Like you have any hope of getting laid…at all…ever.

        • etcrr

          I'm a Gentleman, I never kiss and tell

          • etcrr's puppetmaster

            great job stan

      • Bill57

        if i ran into her i would say I'm sorry I ran into you cause i would be sorry for running into her then i would thank her for her cervix even though she has a tat.

    • Dork

      Oh wow Shallow! Do you mean you had a deal with her and then you broke it off because her tits were not big enough? Pray tell how did you get in that situation with her? What about you? Do you think there is anything about you that might constitute a deal breaker for her?

      • DERP

        You really don't read jokes well do you?

    • reaperACTUAL

      I'm the same…lets say you were in a relationship with a woman like this…would it be out of line to ask her to get some after-market parts?

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