Would you like to run into Nicole Wilkins-Lee? (22 Photos)

Nicole Wilkins-Lee is a professional fitness competitor and gym owner. She wins most competitions she enters, including this years IFBB Arnold Classic. Is she too strong for you?

  • vida harris

    she is gorgeous, could use a boob job though

  • Machew


  • Jon

    wouldn't have to ask me twice! Yes Please!!

  • Tim

    shes hot buff

  • Isaac

    If she had some tits perhaps.

  • Matt

    No, she looks like a drag queen. There's being fit, and then there's…this. Ick.

  • Samantha Kristal

    Personally as a chick, I prefer to be toned and fit rather than ripped and hard looking. I like to look in shape but still have that feminine feel.. But that's just me! Different for everyone:)

  • its_forge

    All that and only one real keister shot? That's kinda sad. Very lovely woman, marvelous figure, great shape.

  • http://www.autocad.carbonmade.com _Shift

    Damn girl. Yes please!

  • fogarty

    i would feel weird having smaller muscles and bigger boobs than a girl…what i really want to know is where she tucks her penis in…

  • fresh.ta.death

    #20. I've met this chick at a bunch of conventions, etc. She's smokin hot. Smokin. The pictures where she's all ripped and shredded are during contest season, this picture is what she looks like the other 9 months out of the year. Girl is smokin hot. Fml.

  • CanadianChivette

    Ahhhh! Couldn't agree more 😉

  • Ryan

    Absolutly amazing when she's nos in a cut phase

  • fish

    Nah, she's got those flapjack Weightlifter titties. Pass.

  • GUI

    #1 love me some Nicole Wilkins!

  • Katiechristmas

    Feminism. You're doing it wrong.

  • William


  • idkwat2think

    she goes from hot to scary so fast

  • JhxFrostbite

    I would have definitely tapped that before my pray the gay away camp.

  • TAB1452

    the only unattractive thing about her (and the only flaw i find with any other women on here) is the wedding ring shes wearing…

  • Shadow

    Looks like all her hard work paid off, glad to see she didnt get implants as is common in that industry… Perfect balance

  • travel news

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  • northerner

    Granted, we ALL, or most likely the majority, of us on this blog need to hit the gym. Period. That accepted, she's a beautiful gal. Marvelous face, hair, complexion. As with most fit women, she's unfortunately gone a few steps too far over that line between a fit woman and having arms and legs that are less feminine and more masculine. As we've said here before, a woman must never look like a man nor a man like a woman. She's not THAT far over the line, but in dangerously territory. She needs to soften a bit. Not a bad thing! Just MHO.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.moss.9406 Tom Moss

    too fat.

  • Houdini112

    This woman is living art. She's like a sculpture from heaven.

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