Would you like to run into Nicole Wilkins-Lee? (22 Photos)

Nicole Wilkins-Lee is a professional fitness competitor and gym owner. She wins most competitions she enters, including this years IFBB Arnold Classic. Is she too strong for you?

  • https://www.facebook.com/andrew.koster2 Andrew Koster

    #17. blonde venus.moar of her pleeeeeease!?

  • Bob

    Sweet Jesus. Get more of her up immediately.

  • Zuke

    Meh, her upper body is too big imo. She looks alright, she has a nice face and when she isn't all bulging out and everything she looks better, but her shoulders and arms are just way too big and broad. They look really manly. That's unfortunate because the rest of her just looks like she's a regular fit chick, but like in the pictures where she's wearing tank tops it almost looks like her head was photoshopped onto a male's body or something. Plus her boobs sometimes look more like pecs than actual boobs, but again I think that's probably just when she's been working out. Overall she just needs to do less upper body work damn it…

  • Matt

    Well your definitely not allowed to wear clothes again…

  • ramon

    I would like to run into her with ma penis.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Figured she would have a ba-donk a$$ with all the weight training and running. She is all around very attractive and not over done. 8/10 – Would Bang!

  • Guest

    I am so completely impressed by the lack of fayk bewbs! Finally a fit woman who understands that when you have zero fat on your sculpted body it looks stupid to have ginormous plastic appendages on your on your chest. Gorgeous!

  • wrench

    I did. Til #11

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