A little inspiration goes a long way (23 Photos)

  • PubicJones

    #2 And parent them.

  • ToneBone

    I know it is joke but #21 – is george herbert. haha sorry it bothers me as much as when people think that winston churchill quote "you have enemies? good…" was said by eminem.

  • JohnMac

    Dear chiver's, you are dumb and I hope you get shot in at the movies.

  • NaTaS

    #7 Giggidy

  • Kyle turner

    Ok chive I thought I would let u know that they are selling fake chive shirts in a couple shops in west Edmonton mall In Alberta. Hate to see the fake ones take over the market. Thanks Kyle

  • Kyle

  • Paulina

    lolololo #11

  • John

    #23 couldn't be truer

  • MohawkJon

    I wonder how many stoners are going to use #23 as their reason to smoke pot…

  • Sin

    #22 : Mission Accomplished

  • WheelJack

    #23 so true and Don’t Tread On Me!!!!!!

  • sweet eklablog

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  • Cass

    Thank you for correctly attributing that Jimi Hendrix quote… I see that quote all the time, and it's usually attributed to Bob Marley (obviously another great lyricist/poet), but Hendrix deserves his credit

  • dagg nabbit

    Dave, why don't you sanctimoniously blow me?

  • Nuckenfutz

    That is noy life man those were mushrooms!!!!

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