Company turns kid’s drawings into stuffed toys (33 Photos)

Via Childsown

  • Tommy


  • Jamey

    Awesome idea!

  • therealguy

  • roflcoptor

    Some children…just want to watch the world burn.

  • Katie

    I kind of love this.

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      You're awesome Katie! Now have a great day!

  • lillismomma

    ok.. i have to admit, #4 & #5 are super creepy. awesome idea though!

  • Sampson

    #5 Kill it! Kill it with fire!

  • Nick

    I just want to make my own.

  • h2i

    and just like that, nintendo found the next generation of pokemon

  • Panda

    #31 Mr. Hankey's parents?

    • Cooper

      looks like she's whacking his dingus. hopefully he doesn't shoot out too much gravy

  • Me.

    #1 I believe they missed what the kid was going for…

    • guest

      yeah. for anyone who doesn't get the reference:

      • pale ale

        That's probably why they changed it then. So they don't get sued?

        • Dan Peterson

          I doubt this wacky ass company that makes these things probably not even for a profit is worried about getting sued…they probably just didn't think a toy that was exactly a raccoon would be cool

    • Ace_Hood

      How could they not tell he was looking to the side lol

    • Unc

      right? why is the tail coming of out the stuffed animals shoulder? the eyes are all wrong. if i was this kid i'd be bummed.

  • Pete Miles

    I see some future Nickelodian cartoon characters there.

  • ASH

    #1 is it just me or is the kids drawing SO MUCH better then the toy.

    • Dan Peterson

      rules are for fools
      rules are for fools
      save your stupid rulin
      for fools who need some schoolin

    • Sebastian

      Ya dude regular show FTW

  • rickacha

    #24 #25 single horns only look good in horses…period.

    • haha

      #25 #5 #11

      laaaaaaa la, laaaaaaaaaaaa lala, laaaaaaaaaa la, laaaaaaaaaaaaa lala


    • Krissy

      Poor narwhal.

      • ...

        Best comment ever!!!!!

    • guest

      you're crazy this is one of the best ones!

    • Jinkies

      Ewww a horse's period?

    • Katie

      I think this one is pretty awesome

    • Mud

      My name is Mud…

  • etcrr

    That's freaky cool and a confidence booster for kids #26 #27 it doesn't get much better than this

    • windowlicker

      I agree. This is as good as it gets. Making stuffed animals from pictures is good. Thank you for posting this chive. Great job and keep up the good work guys.

    • OH YEAH MAN!

      I lol'd at the cats beak on the kids pic and the stuffed toy. These are great and i would buy them… maybe.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      meow i finally understand how Nyan-Cat Came About

  • bukssna

    They are creepy cause kids make them creepy! lol But some of them came out quit good actually!

  • B Dub

    #7 and #9 Are awesome!

  • MohawkJon

    #5 is creepy but
    #7 is awesome!

  • Ross Kalmbach


    • TomTheCameraGuy

      I think it's new pictures though. But you're right, I remember this post from like a year ago

      • 123whore

        i remember your mom from last night…because we had intercourse…so take that

  • Kieron

    Really awesome idea, but jesus, #5 is goddamn nightmare fuel.

  • Rick Jackson

    # 16

    WHAT DO YOU LOVE!?!? The suspense is killing me…

    • thereyougo


  • Dollface

    these are bad ass!! How fun to be the kids, seeing your drawings become a reality in a way!!

  • Kel

    Cool but this isn't some company. It's one mom that makes these for her kids. I saw this somewhere else.

    • TheFifthIngredient

      It was inspired by a toy she first made for her son. But she clearly states on the company's website that now it's a full-time business:

    • Billy


  • onekelevra

    a cast for a Tim Burton movie???

  • Toma Mihai Sorin

    #1 is Rigby from" Regular show " a cartoon series so probably for copyright reasons they were unable to make a toy that looks exactly like the drawing.

    • Katie

      They should have just told the parents that and let them pick something else instead of botching the kids drawing.

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