I’m not saying you’re a virgin… ok I’m saying you’re a virgin. (43 photos)

  • :DDD

    For some reason I am pretty sure this guy is not

  • Anthony

    #28 Lucas from OFWGKTA!!!

  • http://twitter.com/j_calabaza @j_calabaza

    #39 #41 I don't think these guys are having trouble with the ladies…

  • http://twitter.com/joe_boots @joe_boots

    just a guess that #28 is not a virgin. im not saying im just saying the kid is in a rap group and from what all the rap groups say about being in rap groups is that it gets you freaking laid

  • http://www.facebook.com/SamanthaDarling23 Samantha Leale

    #3 #5 #8 #10

    I'd bang them all.

  • sean

    lol at the guy in #35 being on here twice in 2 DIFFERENT pics ^.^

  • Maxxron


    Seriously, all these comments and I have to be the first to notice "dat ass?"

    Too busy checking out Tom Hanks I guess…

  • Ben

    #3 and #8 make me jealous. If I had spent less time having sex I would have nice things like those.

  • ChiverDan

    all #3 needs is a 64 and he'll be laid faster than you can say "diddy kong racing"

  • Zuke

    When did getting laid become a badge of honor? What has society put into people's heads these days? It's ridiculous. It doesn't matter how or why, as long as someone found someone who was willing to have sex with them it means they're ok now and don't have to feel ashamed of themselves, like women are some sort of object that you have to find and obtain "*Duh duh duh* You've obtained a girl! Try putting your penis in her!". I think that goes along well with the theme here.

    No wonder young people are having sex at ages where they barely have any clue what the hell they're doing or what the ramifications can be. You have kids at ages where they naturally have self-image issues and tend to have low self-esteem and the media and other people all around them are bombarding them with the idea that if they have sex that it will fix all of their problems. Forget about learning to be happy with what you have or learning to accept yourself and value yourself for who you are, don't worry about all that mentally healthy stuff, go have sex instead! Everything will be better! Sex should be the be-all-end-all of your existence! The sum total of your life is the number you can give when someone asks how many times you've gotten laid!

    It's all so fucked up. And that's just from the male perspective. As a result of all that, as I said, women are reduced to mere objects to be collected in order for a male to prove his self-worth. The whole thing is entirely unhealthy and wrong.

  • tuita jan

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  • Josh

    I don't know think you guys realize just how much nerds have sex. We're like rabbits, we really are and conventions can be borderline orgies. We are NEVER nervous to express what we want and so a roll in the hay with us is never boring. And the people who make those awesome things like the gaming tower, the comic book bathroom, or the tie fighter desk, well, you can bet they have a significant other who helped making their apartment, or house, as awesome as it is.
    Nerds get it on.

  • Louis Burg

    41 is not virgin. Epic stash = epic poon

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