Join theCHIVE for a Josh Krajcik concert!

josh roxy meetup 2 Join theCHIVE for a Josh Krajcik concert!

Earlier this year, a soulful singer from Columbus Ohio emailed me. His name was Josh Krajcik. The Chiver had quit his job slinging burritos to pursue his dream as a singer. Josh traveled to Chicago and waited in line for hours to audition for The X-Factor. I posted him in Chive Everywhere and wished him the best of luck.

Thanks to Josh’s unbelievable talent and Chiver’s votes, Josh found himself in The X-Factor finals two months later. Josh went on to become the runner-up and was quickly signed to a record deal. The everyman had made his dreams come true.

Josh called me last week with an idea. His new album is finished and it’s amazing. It doesn’t drop until November but Josh told me, “I want to give back to the Chivers for all their support. I want to do a special concert for them.”

Get drunk and listen Josh rock out his new tunes with the Chivers? Yeah, I can do that.

Sunday, August 26th at 7pm, the Roxy on Sunset has been reserved for Josh and theCHIVERS. We’re going to give the Chivers the first chance to get tickets Thursday at Noon PST. The Roxy is an intimate space so the tickets will go fast.

All theCHIVERS will be there, even Mac. More details tomorrow.

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