Ape Shit!

  • Mittens


    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Don't do itttt!!!!…..They're all infected…..with RAGEE!!

  • twd22285

    "This guy is a fu%^&*g idiot!"

    • I don't know

      "I am an ape not a money" – chimpanzee

  • http://informedguy.com/2012/08/01/monkey-gives-instructions-on-how-to-escape-video/ Monkey gives instructions on how to escape (Video) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] Follow this link: Monkey gives instructions on how to escape (Video) […]

  • Tymmah!

    Damn thats a smart ape

  • Wizatek

    The ape just want the thing laying in front of the window

    • Guest

      Well done! It wants the orange thing on the floor, he asks to pick it up, put it in his hand and then signals to his mouth, he just wants to eat, but the ignorant fella hasn't got a clue. poor ape.

  • Jerm


  • jim thorton

    I hate zoos

  • Heuaueheb

    Why did I find that kind of sad?

    • longshot421

      Same. The chimp is the smart one in the video.

    • JoeMamma

      Thought the same thing. Animal is like to dude this cage sucks help me out

    • M-dub

      It IS sad. He wants out and probably knows that the likelihood of it happening is slim to none, but he tries to convince anyone who will give him a chance to.
      And there are likely many people who feel bad for not being able to open it for him.

      In other news from the Less-Depressing News Desk, Bacon!

    • aaaaa

      I dont think that was real. it seemed fake. all these really crazy videos seem to have some people speaking in some European language. they probably used special effects

      • mr. b

        Well, English IS an European language so you're kind of right.

  • anon

    Not a Monkey.

  • jamie quirk

    The poor thing just wants out. That video sucks, makes me feel sorry for the little dude.

    • Joe

      It's very sad. I hate that the humans are laughing.

    • Scott

      Did you not watch rise of the planet of the apes for a conclusion to this video????

    • SomethingClever

      Little dude? You mean adult male chimp with 16" biceps? To quote Dave Chappelle, he could, "rip your dick off like a celery stalk".

  • Ben

    That poor monkey, he is to smart to be tract in there

    • MylesofStyles

      Nice try "Ben". You're obviously the monkey from the video. In case you were wondering, it was your spelling and grammar that gave you away.

  • Tarzan

    Omg it's so sad. Let them all free….. Trixx go cry. Cry babies

  • nckrey

    This is sad. He clearly knows he/she is caged and is asking for help to be set free. If it were any clearer mel Gibson would be screaming "FREEDOM" …. then I would no doubt cry… Chive, save this ape!

  • Brian

    Seriously, that fucking sucks. If an animal is smart enough to communicate that it wants its freedom…we should probably stop being dicks and keeping it in a zoo.

    • sean

      so when a dog barks to be let out of its kennel, we should obey? or when ANY FREAKING ANIMAL THATS BEEN DOMESTICATED tries escaping? they all clearly know they want to be set free. the only reason bleeding hearts like you get so caught up over this animal is because its semi intelligent and you relate to it.

  • saltygary

    Sorry Monkey, your effed. Now go eat a banana or hopefully there is some female that you can bang over the head.

  • Monkey

    That guy in the video is a douche…quit teasing the monkey!

  • AllanA

    They will take over the world one day, haven't we learn from Rise of the Planet of the Apes?

  • Brian

    If that monkey does get out, he's going to go apeshit on that guy.

  • drey

    That the exactly opposite thing of what would made my day.
    Dunno what is more sad, the desperate ape or the apes which lough at this and say…AWWWWW! dammit

  • HumpDan

    Last month= zombie apocalypse. This month = planet of the apes

  • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

    It clearly knows it's in captivation… zoo's should keep intelligent animals, the rest can go fuck themselves though.

  • https://www.facebook.com/travis.alexander.5686 Travis Alexander

    By the end of it the chimp is just looking at the guy like "are you fucking retarded or something?" I do feel bad for it though, it obviously knows its caged in.

  • Oook

    Since when did chimps become monkeys?

  • Woody

    They're all apes

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