Hot Right Now: Get back in the game with some girls in sports bras (27 Photos)

My expectations feel violated and dirty (33 photos)

  • Leigh

    LOL oh chive thank you for making me smile! To many great ones to do call outs!

  • Scott

    Ok….a little shocked that TheChive is now using quotes from The Golden Girls….and even more shocked that I remember watching the episodes……last week…….in my parents basement…….at the tender age of 35.

  • Quertie

    Hahaha…awwww #18

  • gimletmike

    #17 My new saying; "when life gives you lemons, make orange juice".

  • Shade

    #5 Whose line is it anyway was the best show ever. I wish it was sitll on! *back on youtube to listen for more*

  • Guest

    Forced Perspective



    #7 Ben Stiller was in Pulp Fiction? I never knew…

  • Ranger Rick

    # she is frickin gorgeous! jailbait I know but gorgeous!

    • Ranger Rick


  • Michael Correll

    #8 represent Colorado Springs, CO!!

  • chivette44

    #3 #25 #14 Great DAR today. I laughed a lot

    • chivette


  • Berdell



  • Nicole

    i hate the Illuminate buttons…they are ALWAYS on top of words!!!! wtf? please edit space so it doesnt cover text!!

  • lttido

    was expecting facelanding, instead got my daily awesomeness dose. #21

  • MohawkJon

    Horribly awesome!

  • Hostile 17

    Funny …….and an "In Living Color" reference as well

  • Sade

    #33 LMFAO!! Wow! xD

  • c00t999



  • Aurora01

    #22 Schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are not the same thing.

  • moeshere foxdale

    #33 That was fucking funny shit man….

  • drod

    #14 – that person deserves a promotion

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  • Anomanom

    Nay, because some people are dirty furries.

  • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

    #32… Not in good all.

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