• Squirrely 24

    Hey it's March in Minnesota,the owner probably is still shaking off the effects of cabin fever eh!….

  • Justin Strouse

    you dont have to be a red neck or white trash to know that is a nice car, its a classic american muscle car. on another note the guy who did this needs a mega high five

    • Thunderlipps

      A V6 or 305 Camaro is NOT a "Classic American Muscle Car".

  • Kiro

    If the pictures where taken in 2010, is there any followup to this?

  • Anonymous

    What a douche.

  • Mr. Tea

    Seems a bit over-the-top. I might do the same thing, but wouldn't include the storage fee if he's serious about that.

  • Cecil

    Yeah, he was definitely illegally parked, as there were clearly so many indicators like, no parking signs, and he was on public property. wait, no, no signs, just an empty space on private unmarked land.
    Yeah, the property owner is a dick.

    • Derek

      Your ability to see the entire lot, in spite of it not being pictured, is astounding. Presumably you are a self entitled parker (for lack of a better, more real term)?

  • J. D. Rage

    not smart to mess with a car like that, a note on the windshield would've prob solved the problem, now someone might get thier ass kicked

  • Danno Maurer

    Is that a V6 Comero? I'd leave it and buy a real one

    • tapsnapornap

      Was there a V6 RS? No sarcasm/trolling, seriously.

      • LoganExplosion

        It's a Camaro. RS usually means it's a v6. The 305 and tuneport motors are GARBAGE. Either way i guarantee it has less than 200 HP (prob more like 130ish). prob just did him a favor. haha!

        • Derej

          Agreed, mostly. TPI is not inherently garbage though. A little bit of massaging and modern parts and they can scream. Considering the time period and concurrent environmental crackdown, they had respectable numbers. The likes of porsche and it's ilk weren't themselves exactly over the technological hurdle that allowed power and economy to coexist.

  • danno

    Car was stolen and parked. Now the owner is fucked.

  • Loki

    The owner is a real dick why would you give this guy face time?

  • Cin Baby


  • NIXem

    calling a tow truck would have been way too hard, or even yet posting a private property sign,
    no the right answer is always to take matters in your own hands

  • NaTaS

    Why didn't he just slash the fucks tires like a normal man?

  • @Thal3030

    You don't mess with another mans ride. I also use to own an 86 Z28 and i bet they put damage on that cars side skirts lifting it with a forklift.

  • Grant

    Can we please get a post with the owners reaction, tell whomever submitted this to take pictures of the owner getting back LMAO!!

  • jwincman

    If was illegally parked wouldn't having it towed be a better alternative? Now if has damaged that car in anyway the cars owner may own a future parking lot.

  • LoganExplosion

    That's dumb. I think we missed a few photos between 1 and 2.. Did he forklift it up there? He already drives an RS 3rd gen. What more punishment needs to be dealt??

  • Voice in the dark

    Wait a sec there's no signs, no red curb, nothing that says dont park here. Just some jack ass with a chip on his shoulder. A simple note would have worked. You mess with my ride, I mess with your life.

    • Derek

      Perhaps signs were posted at the entrance to the lot? Usually it's better to post trespassing signs at a location prior to the point that trespassing has already occurred.

      • Voice in the dark

        Very true BUT whats not to say that this person did have business there. Maybe needed to speak to someone, Its not like they parked in front of a docking bay or right in the middle of the road. No, they parked along the back wall. And lets not forget if you play stupid games, bad shit will happen.

  • MacNCheesePro

    If the guy parked on my private property and I kept calling to have it towed, called police and even left notes on the guy's car and still nothing was done about it, then, I would result to this.

  • Joel Todd

    If he used a fork lift that car has some serious damage on the undercarriage.

  • Guest

    Hahaha!!! Excellent!

  • BigBrother

    Sounds like about half you all are douche bags that park where ever you fell like it.

    • Voice in the dark

      And you think its ok to damage, and for the most part steal this persons car then you sir have problems. If it was the first time put a note on it, If it keeps happening then you get it towed. And if you still have a problem with people parking in your yard there is a thing called a fence, it can come with a gate, maybe look into it.

  • Derek

    I can only figure out that it's from Minnesota, can't figure out the business. I feel like I've failed the internet

  • Mike

    How dare he do that to a beautiful 3rd gen camaro. These are becoming more rare every day. And to the asses who think every owner of one of these classics is white trash with a mullet, burn in hell.

  • Alex Pullen

    Thats fucked up! You don't do that to a Camaro!

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