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  • Shade

    You sir are doing it right.

  • Paul

    So regardless, the car owner will sue for any damage to the car frame lifting it up.

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  • GatOne

    I'd be upset if I lived that close to Canada too…

  • steve o

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  • Dave

    I think a better thing to do woulda been to take that forklift and squeeze the garbage bins right up to the front and rear bumpers. That way there's no damage done at all and buddy's still SOL without some help.

  • Ontah

    EPIC, Good Sir. Truly epic. As someone who has issues with people constantly trespassing onto his property, I feel your pain. I too find a good lesson is needed these days to teach the less thoughtful that the rules are in place to protect us all. plus you did him a favor. LOL A tow and impound fees would've been more than a $100.00 per.

  • sean

    if the car was lifted via forklift, it was likely not supported properly. i do support the property owner in this matter, but if i were the owner of the car and my fuel lines or exhaust or anything were fucked up or scratched at all, id sue the motherfucker for every scratch and dent and blemish the car has lol

  • Mc_James

    Bet it's staged and the dumb Joe Dirt did this to his own car… All rednecks own forklifts, right?

  • Friedrick

    I love how that parking spot really isn't needing to be open anyway. How is the giant cage any better than the car. But props for principle, like a boss

  • LemusZ28

    Camaros have the right to park anywhere

  • TommyKnockers

    I'd put money on it that he refuses to pay the $100 and costs himself more in damages when he tries to get it down himself.

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