The is not a cupcake gallery (68 photos)

  • twd22285

    #12 #19 #23 DAAAAMMMNN!

  • deprydation


    How's about you bring that hump from Alberta to San Diego….?

  • swope

    #61 is amazing…

  • inpctrs

    #13 Dont know what I like more, your hump, or your LoneStar T-shirt, God bless Texas

    • Tomas

      "Cel-a-brate good humps, COME ON!…. it's a cel-e-bra-tion…" B)

    • dee

      I concur!

    • gma

      On Earth as it is in Texas

  • twoedges

    90% of the girls posted every week on hump day do not pass the hump trials and can not represent the USA in the humplympics.

    • andy

      Fargin A right more like pigfest

  • GordoZX

    #35 #21 Great Canadian Chivette's #41 Bonus Burnsday and Hump Day great combo

  • Matt137

    Such nice handfuls of humps. My day has been made.

  • Danno Maurer

    #17 Find her!

  • beef

    #7 has a very unattracive body. Square hips. Looks like a building. C'mon Chive, she does not qualify.

    • Mayday

      Looks great to me.

  • beef

    #64 winner

  • Macro

    #12 #23 Winners!

  • @awequiteabit

    In a lot of these galleries, I keep seeing fantastic representations of Alberta chivettes. Makes me a little sad to leave the province at the end of the month…

  • shawn

    #26 no explanation needed.

  • Rickety

    Not very impressed girls, you can do better than this

  • bz1

    Beautiful ladies! Thank you for submitting!
    #8 Sexy picture! Beautiful hump! MOAR!
    #20 Sweet hump! MOAR~!
    #30 O my! AMAZING hump, beautiful picture, sexy woman! MOAR, please!!!!
    #33 Nice hump!!! MOAR!

  • andy

    Wow, looks like some of these chivettes should stop eating cupcakes and get on the treadmill. 😦

    • Kathlynn Dooley

      wow! little harsh.. I see big girls all the time and these girls are FAR from overweight..!

  • kevinwills

    hump cakes add icing and lick need moar # 17 although they were all awsome for some strange reason 17 just didnt leave my mind thats one nice tush oh ya got my new credit active purchased a chive mug excited to enjoy coffee in it and am ready for the canadian and the green kcco shirts

  • bz1

    #37 Sweet hump! MOAR!
    #43 Sexy! MOAR!
    #48 Boots, what boots? All I see is a GREAT hump!
    #53 Very sexy! MOAR!

  • Randy

    #54 is ……. just……….so……..

    i need a towel

  • synnful

    #54 I dont think I am ever going to leave my computer again…

  • Big Tex

    i luv Texas Woman – and i am from Houston – #26 you are hot

  • bz1

    #54 WOWWOWOWOW! Sweet hump! MOAR!
    #67 Lovely! Can we see MOAR?!

  • Gordon

    #12 what event could she be doing? It can't be high jump because that ass could not get over the bar.
    Can anybody tell me which event?

  • artty

    #26 & #64 wow

  • Central-Scrutinizer

    #20 want to touch

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