This is messed up: woman can light her tap water on fire (Video)

Apparently Sherry Vargson lives near a drilling site in Granville Township, PA where fracking takes place, and she thinks that’s gotten enough methane into her water supply to make her water flammable. I don’t know anything about the science or politics involved here, but this totally shouldn’t happen, right?

  • Paul

    For those of you suggesting Gasland, I would recommend Truthland. It is a response to Gasland and, regardless of if you choose to believe it or not, it's good to know both sides of the argument.

    I work for a company that seeks to make the fracking process safer (we've developed a monitoring system that does just that). The flammable water is not a result of fracking, but fracking does in some cases exacerbate methane levels in the surrounding area in the event of a failure. The fracking process itself is actually an ingenious solution to Natural Gas extraction, and I am of the mindset that it should be improved upon rather than scrapped entirely.

    Feel free to reply to me, I'd be happy to talk with anybody.


  • Alberta O&G

    Someone fraced her gashole.

  • Shockerdyermom

    "oh it's naturally occurring" really? Then let them drill in your yard, asses. What about those earth quakes in arkansas?

    • Ferret

      True. This case might not be due to "Fracking". But “Fracking” does cause earthquakes and contaminates water with heavy metals, naturally occurring radioactive contaminates, along with its "hydraulic cracking fluids".
      This and mountain top removal needs to be discussed and studied further in an educated manner.

    • TXlandman

      If I owned any mineral rights and had a backyard big enough to place the rig, I would let them drill in my backyard. I live in a community that has 5+ wells in it. They are gas wells drilled into shale formations and fracked multiple times. Two of them are with a 1/2 mile of my house. No water problems at all. The problems in PA may have gotten worse because of the drilling activity (notice, I didn't say just fracking) but fracking is not the sole cause. Wells have been and are being fracked all over the country with no damage to water tables.

  • Fracking


  • 199

    There is a good reason why the french government decide not to allow the fracking process in France…

  • Zack

    It is too bad that everyone just ignores the water well drilling that is going deeper and without safety regulation of any kind. let's just blame oil and gas because we can the ignorance on this sbject is absolutely staggering.

  • Kyle halwa

    I wonder if Adele was singing about this place when she said she set fire to the rain?

  • Pedro

    Forget lighting it on fire what about all the fracking chemicals that are ending up in the water. Alot of fracking in our area. Alot of water supplies being ruined. Not good!!!!

  • eagle eye

    You need to find the girl looking through the window! MOAR!!

    • Bad Wolf

      I am glad I am not the only one who saw this. Between :33 – :44 there is a blonde in sunglasses outside the window. The only thing better would have been a derp face to photo bomb it.

  • crazydog

    All kinds of fucktards in places of office and holding themselves out as experts keep saying this can't happen or that it isnt because of the fracking….and yet this isnt the only person whose water just became flammable. Our government really fucked up on this one.

    • Zack

      Actually, I am an expert. I worked for a frac company, and now I am with a frac wellhead manufacturer. It is a mathematical impossibility for this me than gas to be coming from a shale source. Exactly how can methane pass through 3+ layers of half inch thick steel and concrete? It can't. It just flat out cannot. It blows my mind how ignorant some people are in this country.

  • Joe

    I work for a fracking company in the area and it's not due to fracking. It has always been like that. And

  • Ben

    People need to understand that "natural gas" is called "natural" for a reason. 19th century geologists searched for natural gas rich areas by simply walking down to creek beds and attempting to light the water on fire. Flammable water is due to seepage from underground natural gas reserves.

  • Drunkendave

    It's spelled fracing not fracking

    • Txlandman

      No, it is spelled fracking. I work in the industry, I have seen it written more than a few times. I actually have a button on my bag that says " I heart fracking".

      • Drunkendave

        Fracturing. Not frackturing.

  • DirtTurner

    Stupid lady needs to be finding a way to capture it and burn it rather than complaining about it. You're getting a free potential fuel source and you tell the world about it? Not so smart.

  • Todd

    I work for a large drilling company and hydro frac'ing has nothing to do with flammable water. Any resident that wants their water tested before and after drilling can always do so at our expense. Many areas of the Marcellus Shale already have water supplies that contain flammable levels of gas. These people use this to try to extort additional money from drillers. In some cases these are the exact same people who call in screaming about their royalty (for minerals taken) check being a dollar less than 5k a month. Gasland is filled with innacuracies. Watch Truthland…..they actually did research instead of going for shock value to get a Indy film award.

  • Rob

    Just fill the water in a Brita and stop bitching geese we need energy

  • Mike

    I also work for an exploration company and as such my opinion is obviously biased, so there is no need to share it.

    I just wanted to point out that this kind of post isn't what theChive is known for. May not be my place to say, but political issues don't belong on here.

    • txlandman

      totally agree

  • Oh Kevin

    I never understood how quickly people are willing to buy into whatever silly line they are fed by corporate PR departments. Of course fracking is a problem, anytime chemicals are introduced into our aquifers, it is going to cause a problem. No one stands to make a large profit by pointing this out, there is no "big ecology" lobby in this country. Conversely, oil and gas companies stand to make a fortune if fracking is debunked, and therefore invest a lot of money in message control, lobbying, and fallacious "studies."
    Soon thereafter, as always, self-important rich kids come to the defense of the energy companies- maybe because they are naturally inclined to defend other rich people, maybe because they just want to be contrarians to the "hippies" (read: scientists, professors, and well, anyone that paid attention in school), or maybe they are actually dumb enough to believe this drivel. Either way, you could set an egg-timer to how predictable these people are.

  • oilfield trash

    Who gives a shit. Let's frac the country.

  • Endo

    How about the fact that fracing has been recently linked to earthquakes? I would think that if the layers of shale separating the gas and the water table move all around in an earthquake, they'll also crack, possibly allowing the methane to seep into the water table. Yeah, that can't be possible since it wasn't in a movie or on google.

  • Steve

    I'm a geologist for a gas exploration company in the marcellus region and I am very familiar with the geology of the marcellus and the procedures used to extract natural gas. Fracking does not turn peoples kitchen sinks into fireballs. Fracking occures thousands of feet below aqufers, and gas can't migrate through the many nonpermiable layes of rock between the aquifers and the gas. The gas that comes out of peoples wells had to have already been in rock units that makes up the aquifer.

    People then try say that gas leaks from the wellbore, but that wouldn't make much business sense now would it? Why would we let the product leak out of our system? That product is what makes money for us, and if we let it just leak out then there is less money to be made. There have been isolated instances where a wellbore isn't properly sealed but those issues are rare and quickly fixed. Wells are sealed from the surrounding rock by alternating layers of pipe and an impermiable sealant called bentonite. The likelyhood of these layer all failing is very unlikely.

  • makingdue

    THis is from Gasland which is a complete fraud about fracking. If you look it up you find they were doing this long before fracking happened. Most of this kind of stuff is pure BS from the enviro-nutjobs and is proved false with a little bit of research.

  • Addison Walker

    There is something about seeing an old lady playing with fire that makes me feel like a kid again 🙂

  • William Cage

    EPA just released a study saying the water is fine and has not had increased levels or methane since fracking. Yes, this is a weird phenomonon, but is natural. EPA results below :

  • Preston

    If you've commented here referencing a documentary ON EITHER SIDE, you can sleep tonight knowing you can't fucking think for yourself.

    //Find a new place to get your facts
    ////Don't reproduce

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