This is messed up: woman can light her tap water on fire (Video)

Apparently Sherry Vargson lives near a drilling site in Granville Township, PA where fracking takes place, and she thinks that’s gotten enough methane into her water supply to make her water flammable. I don’t know anything about the science or politics involved here, but this totally shouldn’t happen, right?

  • Cecil

    Well, PetroChemical companies never skew "facts" in their favor, neither do environmental groups.
    Exxon Says it's great, environmentally sound and creates jobs.
    Environmentalist site the most emotionally charged arguments, like flaming water.
    I've read a little bit on the topic in places like time magazine, it turns out they are both right.
    Most of the jobs and profit aren't at line level though, and most of the environmental damage is done by everyday joes doing things like driving trucks, not methane leaking into water. In fact most companies capture the methane for use as a fuel, as that is cheaper than EPA fines.

  • Muggs

    The girl looking through the window looks hot. Please find her.

  • Chester

    Settle Down everyone who claims the sky is falling, it's not this black or white, look into it some more,

  • Bignate

    Watch the movie 'Truthland' in addition to 'Gasland' then make up your own mind.

  • itsme71190

    Find the blonde inb the window!

  • A cow

    I farted in her water.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    Find moar of the hot chick in the window.

  • Sebastian

    I love people who have no education in any of this stuff who believe everything they hear on some propaganda documentary.

  • nacirema

    This lady's got her own shit can flamazine in her kitchen!

  • Sebastian

    Crap like this has no place on the chive. There are plenty other places I can go to get misinformation and propaganda.

  • Yup

    Fracing won't affect the water table, the money formations are thousands of meters below the water table which ends at about 700 m. If that was gas from a well the taps and plumbing would already be blown cause your valves couldn't with stand pressure from the hp gas coming into your water well.

  • oldroustabout

    This is extremely misleading and perpetuates the MYTH of environmental damage that hydro fraking does. This lady lives in an area that had an issue with NATURAL methane in the ground water supply long before fraking moved into the area. "Can" something bad happen? Sure it can. Sort of like, can a plane crash. But the odds are low and, get this, oil and gas companies are economically incentivized not allow this happen. The only way fraking would increase the methane in ground water is if the casing of the well leaked. If that happens the integrity of the well is compromised and it rapidly becomes a non-producing well, wasting 100s of thousands of dollars on repair or abandonment.

    As for the increased cracks created by hydro fraking creating pathways upwards 1000s of feet to this nice lady’s aquifer, not going to happen. It doesn’t happen. Simply, without getting into a rock physics discussion, sedimentary rock is deposited in layers. The 10s of thousands of these horizontal bedding planes and layers divert off fractures long before they go even 10s of feet upwards. Documented science. BTW, that is what hydro fraking does, makes fracture for oil and gas to migrate to wells

    Look, hydro fraking LOOKS like you are doing something. There are lots of trucks around, tanks of water, machinery, noise but is pretty darn safe and NOT NEW. Large and small oil companies have been fraking wells in this county since the 50’s. For the record I used to work in the oil patch as a geologist. I have designed several fraks and have monitored dozens more. I know this topic. I have no love for the major oil companies and know that oil companies have a less-than-stellar reputation, often deserved. But this attack on fraking is miss directed.

    On more thing, the combination of hydro fraking with horizontal drilling has unlocked vast new sources of nat. gas that is displacing coal as a source for electricity generation. Nat. gas is a much much much cleaner fuel. This is creating a net positive for the environment in the US. Ever seen a strip mine? Not to mention what the lower nat. gas fuel cost are doing for the US economy…basically keeping it out of recession. We need to focus our energies to other environmental problems, such as industrial farming.

    Look at this link

  • Kcfo

    Try pushing your fancy vehicle and live without heat or anything else that comes from the oil and gas industrie. So kc and frac on

  • NIKO


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