Yesterday it was a pig, today it’s a bear that gets raised as a house pet (24 Photos)


  • MOAR

    This will eventually end badly. Until then, keep high-fiveing a grizzly! #24

    • Mandalor

      Agreed! Someday this bear is just going to go all bear on this guy.

      • frankwhite87

        How come no one is talking about it being obviously photoshopped?

    • adxasd

      Yeah, Bears are not pets…

    • LiT

      you heard it first from a bear expert, seeing as how many men get stabbed or shot by their wives.. I think this is just as safe

      • chesterdrawers

        Point taken…

      • HatBomb

        Fair enough.

      • Rodion Butyrski

        Good point, hell he might even protect the guy if SHE goes all animal on him one day.

    • twd22285

      well put

    • pothole

      I was thinking the same thing. I think there is something between the bear and the bride. #20

    • pat

      This guys name is Casey Anderson, has a tv show on nat geo and has the bear in a couple episodes. His wife is actress Missi Pyle.

      • CaptainWOW

        I was like "Is that the alien chick from Galaxy Quest?"
        Thanks for the confirmation.

      • Jen

        he's fucking sexy.

    • Bravo

      You're absolutely correct. Something similar happened here in Connecticut. A woman owned a ~200 lb chimpanzee and long story short it snapped. It attacked her friend and ripped off her eyelids, nose, and lips. It also ripped both of her hands off. And he was a trained and very social animal who appeared on TV etc. I can only imagine what this bear will do and how it will be stopped when it snaps. Search for "Travis the Chimpanzee" and you can read more about the incident and you can see the victims face today (she did survive)

      • @BuckeyeEmpire

        Googled that… definitely a mistake… thank God Hump Day is my next post to look at … yikes

      • Leddy420

        You forgot to mention the part where the Chimp was heavily medicated/agitated? Typical American journalism at it's finest.

        • Bravo

          Yes my mistake. She administered him Xanax earlier that day

      • Jen

        apparently she had a very abnormal relationship with that chimp, too. sleeping with it, letting it sit with her at the dinner table. it was like her mate. fucking weird.

    • Nobody important

      Is it just me or do most of these look shopped?

      • Dennis

        I would rather be attacked by that bear then the chimp. Odds are the bear would kill you but the chimp would make you wish you were dead.

        • @JJrrake

          Thats cuz women are inferior beings.

          • Acras

            You wouldn't fuck that chimp up, unless of course you anticipated it's attack and shot it preemptively, chimps are MUCH stronger than humans, unarmed you would stand virtually no chance…

          • Slim Jim

            you're a retard. a chimp would rip you're dick off.

      • raul

        i was thinking the same thing…

        also i agree, this bear is going to go all bear at some point and kill some people. Bears will be bears

    • Ryan

      This guy needs to see "Grizzly Man"…

    • frankwhite87

      How come no one is talking about it being obviously photoshopped?

  • Kikev


    • respectable_human

      I want the bear to devour your genitals.

    • emu90

      i hate you

  • NCChiver

    was he the best man at the wedding?

    • tralfaz

      Best bear.

    • huh?

      according to wiki, it was…and apparently they were on an episode of the dog whisperer because there dog needed help…dude can raises a bear, fucks up with a dog?

      • huh?

        fuck me, their*

    • chiver

      make that bearst man

    • JKennedy

      He was, the bears name is Brutus! Look him up on youtube!

  • Erma Gherd

    Holy fuck sticks Batman! He's playing with his bear hands.

  • Yvie

    Not a dog…it will EAT you!

    • Peej

      and he will have died as he live….. being fucking awesome.

      • Peej Again


    • Wayne Bunch

      Because a dog has never eaten anyone….

      • Yvie

        The point is…bears aren't domesticated animals. Yeah, we may think it's cool that he has them as pets but they are wild animals and should be able to live as such. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a PETA enthusiast, I love a bad ass steak as much as any other red meat eating person, I just think this is bordering on dangerous and asking for trouble.

  • njkcco

    Whatcha doin? Oh nothing, just walking my huge freakin bear.

    • Joe


      • James

        Made me laugh. thank you.

  • *dash*

    That would be awesome, you wouldn't even need to lock your doors when you got a pet bear

    • GernBlansten

      Wouldn't need to because you live in Alaska…..

      • Frank

        Well then how do you keep all those pesky Russians out of your house?

  • Verbal_Kint

    That dude should grow a huge beard and wear more flannel.

    • GernBlansten

      And change his last name to "Adams"

    • BOOM!

      Pure gold sir…LOL

    • DdubbyaB


  • hark1985

    #20 Glad to be a 'Merican! F-Yeah

    • Rawr

      Looks more like the mother-land wedding to me

      • matt

        seriously, when its known its in alaska it 'merica, yeah!' but if there was no label its 'lol stupid russians'

  • Travis

    Where can I get an orphaned grizzly??

    • HumpDan

      I want one also!

    • FunKiller

      Alaska…you just have to kill its mom first.

  • Rawr

    Can't wait to see the documentary in a few years.. Sadly, no one will make one until he is eaten:(

    • Damn Right

      There's a tv show about it, look it up


    And that's the lady from Dodgeball

  • DSavvy

    It's all fun and games until somebody gets mauled, eaten, and shat out.

    • Cinders

      +1 for use of the word shat.

      • FunKiller

        +1 for using +1

  • EMG

    As awesome as this is, I feel like a grizzly bear just can't be completely domesticated. My guess is it will either be too dependent on the guy for survival, or it will just end up eating the him and his family. Either way, badass pictures.

    • LiT


      Maby you should read the story about Christian the lion, people had a "feeling" there aswell.

      • truth

        That bear, just like Christian the lion, is a wild animal. They are not even a single generation separated from completely feral state. If you want to lie to yourself and think these animals are 'domesticated', that is your choice. Taking the whole domestication aspect aside, consider the sheer size of this apex predator in a 'domestic' setting. How many people are bitten by dogs, cats, or even iguanas, every freaking year? An accidental 'bite' by this apex predator will leave a person severely injured or killed. Not to mention when this bear becomes fully sexually mature, it will maul anything it considers competition to its dominance.

        You go ahead and think this bear is a 'domesticated' pet if you want. Nature has a way of thinning the herd when it comes to poor survival instincts.

        • LiT

          I guess you agree with the banning of pitbulls then aswell, because they have one of the strongest bites in the dog world. not only have they bitten humans, they have also killed a few.

          Obviously its not domesticated, since domestication is a process of selection , it is a tamed animal however. saying that it would eat anyone in sight is ignorant

          • truth

            Your ignorance of grizzly bears is a self-eliminating problem in Alaska. The grizzly bear, or Ursus arctos horribilis (latin translation: Horrible Bear), is not a pet. It has no more consideration for a human than we do of a field mouse. This guy is personifying this natural killing machine and it can lead to a terrible tragedy.

            BTW…pit bulls are not the problem. It is the ignorant owners. That is a different topic that I won't discuss with you for fear it would only incite you into falsely thinking your poor comparison was somehow relevant.

            • LiT

              Ok, i'll be waiting for the news of his death. Please do not dissapoint.

            • Nilbog

              Except field mice can't use high powered rifles to bring us down.

              Just thought I'd make that notation..

    • Samantha

      I don't think he was trying to "domesticate" it, just raise it into healthy adult bear-hood. – it says the bear comes and goes as it pleases, so likely he's out hunting and fishing for food the way he would in the wild and not living indoors as a full time pet. Hopefully he never decides to make prey of his "family"!

  • IrishInNJ

    Ted 2

  • Drokkers

    This is awesome!!!!

  • Honest

    If people can raise lions, then I guess they can raise bears too! Nice post Chive.

    • PDiddily420

      Don't forget about the tigers…Oh my.

    • captain penis

      Ya, like siegfried and Roy did…….oh wait

  • Grizzly Adams

    Is it wrong I want to bang his wife?

    • canadianchiver

      just don't let the bear see…

    • Damn Right

      That's Missi Pyle lol

      • Gonasiphaherpalitis

        Is it wrong that I want to Pyle it in Missi?

  • Elitemember

    How long before this guy winds up as lunch?

  • Kevin

    It's all fun and games til Booboo eats a kid.

  • Grizzly

    #23 One day, one day my friend, I shall taste you for the last time

  • Randy

    i wonder what they named him?…..Awesome story btw. Way to be a decent human and loving life around you.

    • Damn Right

      Brutus the Bear, look it up

  • Mike Henke

    This is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian

    Things were going great until they Redboxed " Legends of the Fall" on movie night.

  • Alex

    Its really cool, can't deny that, but an accident happens so fast… this could turn out so bad. I would care less if he was single with no children 😛

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