Battle of the Bars: Vote NOW for theCHIVE’s next meetup!

Last week, we announced that theCHIVE has teamed up with the new TBS original comedy Sullivan & Son to throw the next Chive meetup. After countless submissions from the Chivers, we have narrowed it down to the top five local bars across the US. The five bars were chosen based on the volume of submissions for that individual bar.

Voting begins NOW and will end at 12 am PST tonight. We will announce the winner and meetup date on Monday!

Good luck!

  • Daniel

    what ever happened to the pics from the austin meetup? or did I just miss it?

    • blutodawg

      There were some that were posted

      • kitra

        Where? I must have missed them too. And why did everyone thumbs this down? KC everyone, then CO

  • William Bars

    Come to Denver!

    • lostagain

      I'm assuming that is Tavern – LoDo, poor choice IMO

      • Nina

        Still much better than no Denver meet up 🙂

        • lostagain

          Yup yup, just will have to be an exception to my No Lodo rule…

          • Jasper

            I'm not sure why you're in the negative on comment score. I am severely disappointed in the choice of location but will show up regardless when we win.

            • Adam

              Tell your friends to vote !

    • Andi

      You can park Colorado in my ass!



      • drew

        spoken like a true redneck.

      • Andisucks

        sorry andi, too many dicks in there to fit Colorado

      • Nate

        parallel parked!

      • bend over texas

        so its true… texans love it in the ass…

    • Emmy

      Colorado deserves a meetup after the summer we've had!

      • Pat

        To be fair, even with the fires and the shooting, a CO summer still beats the hell out of living anywhere else.

  • Brian

    gotta have one in Phoenix!

    • FunKiller

      Yes, Scottsdale… the Lodge or somewhere like that.

      • @ChiveOnAZ

        Anywhere in Old Town… I suggested Dos or Giligins.

        • FunKiller

          I didn't even think about Gilligans…..that'd be perfect with the midget bar, beer ping, and the plunger shots!

          • Justin

            I am in Ticson, but I second or third a Phoenix meetup. We have a rather large group of chivers and chivettes that would make the trip to Phoenix

            • Justin

              Tucson yes the I is next to the U

            • FunKiller

              I have about 20 – 30 that would definitely make it out…….all you have to say is "alcohol will be there!!"

              • mattythegooch

                I'm In………….

                World of Beer opens on Mill this weekend.

                • FunKiller

                  How have I not heard of this yet?? "520 bottle varieties and 50 rotating beers on tap."

  • Prof. Large McHuge

    Damn… my dick is huge

  • Prick

    Based on the picture, that Callahan's in Ohio looks like one crazy scene

    • pen 15

      yup…thats about right…please come before we all die of boardum

      • matt

        …seriously? boardum?

  • Mary

    was at Austin meetup. John walked in and immediately got 50 beers and handed them out. Then got 50 more… and 50 more. they can party

    • kitra

      I still remember…"I'll have a bud light and a water" Hahahaha. the water lets you know they go hard. Let's all vote for houston, caravan there and do it all again.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    The only reason I hate living in the stix…. The Chivers will not some to where I live… I have been recruting, but alas, we are still far and few between here… 😦

    • FunKiller

      I think it's time for you to move Gunther.

  • Sick350Z

    Um.. so, 4 bars with massive parties going on and 1 (Ohio) with nothing but empty cars.

    • Ohio

      Fuck you, thats why!!

      • Sick350Z

        I was saying maybe Ohio wasn't getting a fair shake given the pics. Based on pics alone and not personel knowledge. Which looks like the least fun to party at?

    • Ned Ryerson

      BING!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

    • Craig

      Well, it's in Ohio, so everything sucks there.

  • Nick

    Callahan's is incredible

    • Brandon

      GO COLUMBUS!!!

  • Chivette

    Canada? 😦

    • levian

      How about Toronto eventually!?

      • tdot

        torontoooooo lets do it

    • Josh


    • Shiguy

      Hey, y'all just got shirts….easy now. KCCO

    • c-man


    • Ty4

      I've been thinking about organizing my own Chive meetup in Edmonton. Does that count?

      • Manning181

        DO IT. It'd be a huge success!! I've been thinking of doing the same thing myself!!

        • Ty4

          Then let's do it!

          • Turtle

            I'm in

  • Rusty

    I feel like you guys are playing favorites, showing a bar with a chick taking her top off just isn't fair to the others ha.

  • Cory

    George street

  • Nina

    Come to Denver and, if The Tavern agrees, I can bring a portable pole and a bunch of my pole dancing Chivette friends to the party!:)

  • Southern Discomfort

    GraveYard Tavern ATLANTA!

  • will

    ^^^ listen to this woman

    • FunKiller

      Umm, I'm not a Dr. but I'm pretty sure Southern Discomfort is a dude…….and I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express a couple months ago, so…….

  • Jared

    Houston !!!!

    Lucky's is a badass bar.

    • B_Error

      But Houston Sucks

      • Texan

        Man this would be awesome in Houston. I'm about to move to there for a job and I don't know a soul there. Would be nice to meet cool people.

    • mikeraw

      Dude, I go to Lucky's very often and it sucks compared to Pub Fiction… the quality of people is better in midtown over downtown

      • Mark

        I'm a little disappointed with Lucky's as the choice for Houston too… I suggested Celtic Gardens…

        • Gumby

          Celtic garden is a bad ass spot!

      • Nate

        More douch to them

      • Mr pants

        Did you really just infer that there is quality at Pub Fiction? Seriously? Pub, and most midtown bars, are full of douchbags.

    • MrN00DLE

      I'm pretty sure they'll shut down the streets like they do for opening day or st. pattys day. they should expect a boat load of people. i'll be there for sure.

  • weakchoices

    John, just pick where you want to go on your next vacation already…

  • Randon Donathan Givens

    #4 The beauty of the Denver venue is you can make it a charity meet up for the aurora shooting victims, think about it

    • Emilee Wilburn

      Seriously man! Our community needs this…. Im surprised its just not a given…

      • Brett Joseph Forrest

        don't forget the fire victims as well

  • Anonymous

    Only 5? Really…

  • Josh

    Any possibility possibility of a Chive meetup in Canada? I know you would see a huge turn out.

  • Brad40

    This cannot even be an official battle of the bars without a Wisconsin bar included…what a travesty…

  • Emilio Rodriguez

    they are all too far! 😦

  • KCO617

    SO you guys picked these bars, none of them near the East Coast….maybe you should have had a regional system instead of fucking over Boston again and again. COME TO BOSTON JOHN AND LEO…and bring theBERRY Jr. editor with you.

    • jimmychive


    • matt

      they were just in new york. nobody likes boston. spygate and such. get over it.

      • KCO617

        Spygate is nothing like PedoU…so should we all hate PA. Nope. Everyone likes Boston, they just haven't been here yet.

        • Nate Gulvin

          I for one don't like Boston… Go Bills! 🙂

  • Bob Hope

    Callahan's doesn't even have a shot with that CG/design render Mac used.

  • AdamK


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