Battle of the Bars: Vote NOW for theCHIVE’s next meetup!

Last week, we announced that theCHIVE has teamed up with the new TBS original comedy Sullivan & Son to throw the next Chive meetup. After countless submissions from the Chivers, we have narrowed it down to the top five local bars across the US. The five bars were chosen based on the volume of submissions for that individual bar.

Voting begins NOW and will end at 12 am PST tonight. We will announce the winner and meetup date on Monday!

Good luck!

  • MassChiver

    Denver, CO, and make it a charity event for the victims of nearby Aurora.

  • dandy travis

    Come to gotdamn knoxville we get rowdy as mutherfucking black leprechauns on speed and cereal and shit like that. I mean it! We fucking do!

  • jjjjjjjj


  • Matt Hopper

    Tavern all the way! I like the idea of an aurora charity meetup! And the tavern photo is what it's like every single weekend. Bring it on chive!

  • Hot Carl

    Chive, y u no like DC?

  • PottyPlant

    Kinda a shame that Chicago didn't make the list. Im a Little disappointed in my city. Unless it was due to the first ever chive meetup being there… Eitherway….. I demand a sequel

  • Brandon Butler

    Come on up to Canada!

  • Boston chickkkk

    How about some New England love?! 😦

  • Cesar

    We need some more west coast chivers

  • Rob

    5 lame ass states you couldn't pay me to visit '

  • chivettebecky

    Denver! I think it would be something nice in light of the Aurora tragedy. Make it happen!

  • Jon

    not voting, Til you do one in Seattle

  • Michael Correll

    We all know that Denver is the place to be!

    • Emilee Wilburn

      Hellyeah!!! I was startin to wonder if I'd ever see any Chivers around town!

  • Patrick

    #2 got my vote

  • South bay

    How about shellback's in manhattan beach?

  • mikeraw

    I go to Lucky's almost every night and that place is bad…. Really, just a few blocks away is Pub Fiction… way better and less trashy people…

  • Paige Sonnier

    Come to Houston, Texas, where the weather is hot and the women are hotter. Home of Walker, Texas Ranger, any refusal to theCHIVE's visitation will simply be taken as an insult to Chuck Norris. It's suicide. So join us sexy, southern Chivettes. If you've met one of us, raise your glass. If you haven't, raise your standards.

  • @LAChivette

    NOLA!!!!! Love that city!!!

  • Chip

    I think you guys should go international and come out to Germany. What better place?

  • Bee Reicker

    Come to Canada or else!

  • Lindsay

    Denver! And if it's in October, you can join us at the Great American Beer Festival.

  • CometoBoston

    The Chive needs to get a taste of that dirty water, come to Boston!

  • yadi

    STL fho sho



  • mae

    Bandito Barneys in Dundee IL is outdoor, enormous and awesome. Check it out. Other than that, I vote. New Orleans.

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