Battle of the Bars: Vote NOW for theCHIVE’s next meetup!

Last week, we announced that theCHIVE has teamed up with the new TBS original comedy Sullivan & Son to throw the next Chive meetup. After countless submissions from the Chivers, we have narrowed it down to the top five local bars across the US. The five bars were chosen based on the volume of submissions for that individual bar.

Voting begins NOW and will end at 12 am PST tonight. We will announce the winner and meetup date on Monday!

Good luck!

  • Disappointed

    Way to change the rules during the game, Chive. If we knew it was based on volume we'd have simply had everyone nominate our neighborhood pub instead of wasting one Chivette's time on a creative submission.

    Original rules:
    "Send photos of you and your friends partying at your favorite local watering hole to our handy-dandy submit page. Don't forget to tell us why this is your favorite bar. Creativity is the key here, Chivers, the better the story and the photos, the better your chances of winning. We're willing to travel anywhere in the good 'ol US of A for this."

    New rules:
    "The five bars were chosen based on the volume of submissions for that individual bar."

    • Mike

      Chill out Boss

      They didn't try to disappoint anyone…Just come to Denver when we get chosen! Maybe have a beer as well, that should calm you down.

  • phong

    come on NOLA! #whodatnation

  • bleedblue4life

    St. Louis, as if bar 101 doesn't get crazy enough it in the heart of soulard, MAJOR party area in stl, no brainer guys

  • Matt Pitner


  • Jon

    Why not make a road trip of it and visit all of them?

  • gmd

    come to kansas city, ill take you out for BBQ!!

  • Eddy

    Lucky's pub is the place to be!!! Let's go Houston!!

  • Eddy R.

    Lucky's pub is the place to be! Let's win this Houston!!!

  • Onnie

    What about SYDNEY!!!!!! DO ITT!!!

  • Mike

    Come on Denver chivers!!

  • Eric

    Come to cowgirls inc in Seattle next!

  • Steve Smith

    Option 6, bar crawl in Chicago

  • Billok

    Hmmm Houston jumping up a couple hundred votes in such little time….

  • the_blue_yoshi

    Man if denver does not win this then my feeling is totally going to be, "Shit, we have fires and shootings hurting us and we still can't get the chive out here for a meetup."

  • Johnathan

    What No Vegas?????
    Oh well, KCCO!

  • the_blue_yoshi

    It also seems like everyone is abandoning voting NOLA to vote Houston in order to beat out Denver

  • Screech_Bell

    I keep clicking on the one in Calgary Alberta but it doesn't vote…. Ohhhh wait….. Quick quick chive make me a Calgary Alberta button…. Do it…. Do it… Do it…

  • Billok

    It's called a script.
    Keep it classy Houston… :/

    • Mark

      Houston is quadruple the size of Denver… don't need scripts

    • the_blue_yoshi

      It does seem to be climbing unusually fast xP

  • Billok

    It climbed (by estimate) almost 10% in a little over an hour.. yes that's scripting.

    • Jeff

      Actually Billok, we have a pretty big campaign going on here in Houston to make Lucky's win. You're welcome to cry about it if you like.

  • Todd

    Gotta be Houston!,

  • Bryan Lindsey

    I think you should just do all of them!

  • DMC

    I think Denver automatically wins because Mac Faulkner posted a .gif for the Chivette offering a strip tease

    • Nina

      I never offered a strip tease – pole dancing is not just something done in strip clubs. YouTube Estée Zakar, Zoraya Judd or Michelle Stanek for an awakening 🙂

      • DMC

        that's what I meant. I just drew a blank.

  • Jen

    Why can't you do all 5 ?

  • khgarrity

    Callahan's!! Ohio needs you!

  • Emileeeeeeeeee

    Colorado NEEDS/deserves a meetup after the summer have have had. And I wanna meet the nice Chiver that left a note on my car today.

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