Battle of the Bars: Vote NOW for theCHIVE’s next meetup!

Last week, we announced that theCHIVE has teamed up with the new TBS original comedy Sullivan & Son to throw the next Chive meetup. After countless submissions from the Chivers, we have narrowed it down to the top five local bars across the US. The five bars were chosen based on the volume of submissions for that individual bar.

Voting begins NOW and will end at 12 am PST tonight. We will announce the winner and meetup date on Monday!

Good luck!

  • Nick

    Canteen in tempe… hott asu chicks, and really close to Cali.

  • Alex

    Come to Philly!!!!

  • spang

    this has been a tough summer. c'mon denver chivers, let's win this thing!

  • Tex

    Lucky's is the best hands down! Sexy southern women and hospitality to boot

  • frank


  • Sheldon


    Denver !!

  • Go Bucks

    I think u should visit all of these bars!!!! Obviously i am speaking on behalf of Columbus since we are 2nd to last

  • Texan

    Well I'm moving to Houston in the next week/week and a half for work, don't know a soul there. Defiantly going to be a good way to meet people. Hope it's Houston!

  • Stinson

    Oh, hi Houston. What do winners order??

  • vincemancuso

    Considering you are working with Sullivan and Sons shouldn't you goto a bar in pittsburgh

  • Cassie

    #2!!!! Come to OHIO!!!

  • Jocelyn

    Love Lucky's Pub! Great place to be! Let's go Houson!!!

  • justsayn

    who the F wants to go to Houston in the Summer???

  • Graham

    Awesome! Lucky's Pub here in Houston is Great!. I will definitely be there, just have to wait until Monday to find out the date.

  • Emilee Wilburn

    This is actually super disappointing Chive. You have been to Texas this year. Why was it not just decided that you should come to Colorado? All of us locally have had a very terrible summer with everything that has happened. You've graciously helped with support to the victims but won't take the opportunity to really spend time with them? Or party with the ones that are till dealing? I know not getting a meet up isn't the end of the world, but I'm surprised you all didn't just jump at the opportunity…

    • 303chiver

      Just because Houston got more votes doesnt mean that they are going to Houston….it just said vote for your favorite bar, it didnt say the most votes and we are going to that city

      • Tifa

        woah that's not right, then why have the contest if you are going to choose where the party will be held at? I can feel for what happened in Colorado but we in Houston have had a lot of tragedies here as well and just because Colorado recently went through a major tragedy doesn't mean the decision should be based on that alone. Again, why even have the contest and have people spread the word if in the end TheCHIVE will choose the winner?

        • Emilee Wilburn

          I'm from Texas, and ain't nothing going on in Houston except bullshit. We just had the worst mass shooting in recent history. Why does it not make sense to come to Colorado?

          • Tifa

            People killing people may be bullshit to you but if you don't live in Houston and watch Houston news then you will see its not bullshit. Just because it wasn't a group at a time and its not all over national news doesn't make it any less of a tragedy then what happened in Colorado. We have all pitched in and helped those in NEED for hospital bills. most of them won't even be there and shouldn't even be going to bars to begin with while they are still healing. People are just using this tragedy as "Pitty" so they can enjoy THECHIVE while most of those who were really affected are either in therapy or in the hospital.

            • Emilee Wilburn

              Yeah you're right… We all just want pity… Says my roommate who was in that theater. She won't even leave the house. A boost in morale is all we really wanted. I get really heated about this subject because it's now my home and it's severely affected a lot of people physically and also emotionally. It was exciting to think that the guys we looked to would come to town. Sorry if I was rude…

              • Tifa

                We all want a boost of morale, I just lost someone close to me, she was a wonderful loving women who sacrificed a lot to help those in need everyday. It's hurts like no one can even imagine and though its not national news it still affected a lot of people. I don't want to sound mean or rude as well, but tragedies happen everywhere and we all want TheCHIVE for the boost. I just don't understand why we even had this contest if in the end our votes wouldn't matter.

        • 303chiver

          Where at in the page does it say most votes win???why would they have to announce the winner Monday if everyone can see the poll and who has the most votes???

          • Tifa

            Thats not my issue, I just want to know why they even have this contest if they are going to choose the winner to begin with. Why not say these are our finalist we will choose the winner Monday, what was the point of voting if its not even going to matter.

            • 303chiver

              Idk, maybe to narrow it down…. who knows

  • spencer

    Can we please just throw Colorado a bone here and have the meetup in Denver? It’s been a rough summer for colorado and I think that a Chive meetup would be just what the doctor ordered for a morale boost. Come on John! Think about it!

  • Justin Saguto

    Bar 101 St. Louis!!!! not only do they have the largest out door patio I have ever seen, but Factor in that they also have 3 Gorgeous Sand Volley ball courts. Think about all the women in Bikinis! and Bar 101 was voted in the top 15 Sports bars in the Nation, Also the STL Cardinals are the defending World Champions!

    P.S. I challenge the chive's best 6 Sand Volley Ball players to a match…. Losers Buy Tequila shots??

    • Justin Saguto

      yea…. I'm calling you out John!

  • Jen

    It's a vote. Don't get mad that people vote for what's closest. That's kinda the point, right? This is not about who has the most tragedies, it's WHERE will the most supporters be. And Texas carries LOTS of chivers. Everyone KCCO. Hm, maybe this would be a great time for people to come to Texas. 🙂 roadtrip. I can guarantee southern hospitality.

  • JoeH

    irish kevin's in key west gets no run?

  • awheeler

    so denver it is. what time?

  • Riley Stowers

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  • Littlet

    OH PLEASE LET IT BE LUCKYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kev


    • Max

      Another Montreal Chiver here! Seen alot of your shirts here… Still trying to grab one…

  • bunedoggle

    Boston or GTFO.

  • Jim

    when is PHILLY going to be an option??

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