Brittney Palmer’s not only wildly sexy, also an amazing artist (29 HQ Photos)

When UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer last visited theCHIVE offices, I noticed she spent a lot of her down time painting. And then I noticed her paintings were actually really good. We always support artists here at theCHIVE and I can't think of anything better than mixing art with sexy photos of the artist herself; mixed media, win win.

Brittney not only paints private commissions (info on that right here) but she's giving away a limited edition Johnny Cash print to whichever Chiver tweets her the funniest question today. Be creative, no rules, just don't be crude.

Brittney's Twitter machine right here.

Brittney’s Twitter Machine.

If you’re interested in seeing more or commissioning Brittney, click here.

  • damon

    #29, #27

    I would give her the worst 10 seconds of her life 🙂

    • hootie

      That was really funny, thx needed the laugh-

    • tv_paul

      10 seconds, goin' do it twice…alright!

    • Get Heroff

      No selfishness here, i'd just love to get her off..

    • Harry Longbahls Jr

      Sweet arm tats…whoore….

      • thedude

        You know how I know you're gay? A girl as good looking as that and you're focused on her arm tattoos….smh

      • snowman

        yup, because tattoos make you a whore, right?

        don't think too hard, it was rhetorical

      • ddd

        not to mention, it's fucking paint. she's painting. that's the whole point of this fucking post.

    • Mark

      I would give her the worst 5 seconds without entering her ….. Ahh there we go

    • crashedwedding

      i was going to up vote this but its already at 420= goal achieved

  • mmm

    She’s fucking hot and talented I’m in luv

    • Drew

      Real artists get ugly. This is plastic.

      Bring it, downvoters.

    • jobillard

      Please if she wasn't hot her art would just be one of a thousand unknown artist trying to peddle their crappy unoriginal art. She takes pictures that someone else took and paints, puts them in photoshop and then paints bigger versions. I really love #20 where she just exact copies someone else's art.

  • TigerDroppings

    #19 What's up

    • tv_paul

      Do you really have to ask or is this a rhetorically question?

    • Daniel Tosh

      she should make the next design tee for the chive

    • Underbaker

      Do you have a license to carry around loaded fucks like that?

  • tv_paul

    #29 I have the most over whelming urge to finger paint right now.

    • MatadorPride

      you typed "paint" instead of "bang"

    • tapsnapornap

      This looks like her best painting by far…

  • yep

    someone marry that woman.

  • Louis Tully

    Quite possibly the all around hottest girl Chive has ever posted.

    • hootie

      You obviously weren't around for LG…unreal-

      • Prick

        Please – this girls blows LG out of the water! Not even close. Plus LG does not have this talent and LG was a little attention whore who would comment on her own posted pics.

      • Louis Tully

        I don't recall LG. Who is she? My criteria is hotness, talent, and the appearance of a cool disposition. 1 and 2 check out. 3 seems like a legit possibility.

    • Joe Testarosa

      I find no flaws with your statement. Totally the Hottest thing we have seen since the Chive began.

  • Kelowna Chiver

    #11 and #15 both amazing peices of work!!

    • Daniel Tosh

      #15 right click, set as background…

  • @Dishwater

    y'all should have her design a couple of t-shirts or what not that'd be bloody brilliant B)

  • Dave

    tis possible to fall in love after 29 photos

  • toastymoe

    I bet she has cute toes…

    • Kodos

      see pic #1

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #12 mary poppins one is ill. creative and attractive girl.

    • Daniel Tosh

      new tee design?

  • cory

    I always thought the boston cover was just a spaceship but if you turn it upside down its a guitar, either way she is painfully hot

    • wprince12

      I thought I was gay for a second because I was looked at the Boston painting more than any other picture.

    • Caleb Todd

      Boston's space ship has always been a guitar on all of their album covers… how do you miss that?

    • Underbaker

      Next time include the pic #20 so I don't have to scroll so much. I know I'm a lazy bastard. But wow, how many years have I seen that album cover and no seen the guitar.

  • Tim

    #14 Dirk? Shes so freaking nice to look at.

  • tv_paul

    #15 This image makes me want to create my own piece of art "a homage to Jackson Pollock in the media of DNA " I'd entitle it "FAP".

    • KeepinCalm

      CLASSICxD Might be a hard sell tho…

    • Trish Sidelko

      Greatest comment I have ever read on here. Well played.

      • huskernut

        Ditto – Keep Calm & Go BIG RED!

  • Mightyboosh79

    Brittney Palmer is not only sexy, she's sexy. End of story

    • FunKiller

      Not to be confused with Brittni Palmer aka. Riley Steele……also a stunner, but not as much as this Brittney!

      • Mightyboosh79

        She would be if you were making a film with her.

        • FunKiller

          I would make a film with either one of them…..and it would be the bestest, most glorious film EVER….for everyone involved.

          • Mightyboosh79

            I would too and it would be a very short film

            • FunKiller

              Short, but glorious nonetheless!!!

  • danno

    Fucking Hell! B, You are sooooo fine! Thanks Chive

  • Ted

    #26 *Muhammad

    • Duber

      I noticed that too. I don't care what anyone says that's an E. If your going to recreate an iconic photo, at least spell the dude's name correctly.

      • Rhein

        Cassius Clay

        • John Chimpo

          His mama named him Clay, Im gonna call him Clay.

  • Bless1

    #19- id eat apple sauce out of her bung with no spoon. smoking hot!

    • Kodos

      no cinnamon, either?

    • sick_&_tired

      is it really necessary to share scatophiliac fantasies on the chive? just saying

    • Meowmix

      That's absolutely disgusting

  • Randy

    #1 who can i get the skull with the head phone pic?! or have it put onto a shirt?!

    • FunKiller

      Seriously, that is a bad ass pic. I would totally rock that on a T or a hoodie.

      • @JJrrake

        Siiiiiiiiiickkkkkkk brosss soooooooo siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickkk

        • @JJrrake

          Fuk yea skullllllss and crossboooonessss sooooo siiiiiickkkk brooooossss pirates4life

          • FunKiller

            Troll ssssoooooooo hard brooooooo.

            • @JJrrake

              Bro lets get matching shirts and then we can go hit the bars and take sic twit pics

              • FunKiller

                Better yet, let's get matching tattoos of unicorns fuckings leprachauns in that's and spewing rainbow/glitter jizz…….oh wait, you already have that tat? Alright, I'll get mine this weekend!

                • @JJrrake

                  Ay brah my body is a temple

  • Damian

    Looks like someone watched exit through the gift shop to me, not bad but not Monet either.

    • laurennsfw

      yeah, definitely a little banksy influence here…

    • Evil Xena

      Yeah – if she didn't look like a penthouse pin-up – no one would be bothering with her "art".

  • Anthony DeGiulio

    For some NSFW pics, go here…
    You're welcome

    • ps86

      you are my hero

    • Travis Alexander

      you sir…are a hero

    • Kstunt

      Thank you your highness!

    • Matt

      You win today

      • Anthony DeGiulio

        Thank you all…pay it forward 🙂

  • DemonDan

    #16 I'd Jackson Pollock all over those!!! 🙂

  • Between Rounds

    Glad to see I haven't been wasting time fapping to someone who's not talented too.

  • Butters

    Wow… She is awesome

  • moeshere foxdale

    #18 Truly a great girl….Thanks hon…

    • Jake

      Seriously…what a talanted and sexy lady. If you are reading this know that you have love in Texas…

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