Brittney Palmer’s not only wildly sexy, also an amazing artist (29 HQ Photos)

When UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer last visited theCHIVE offices, I noticed she spent a lot of her down time painting. And then I noticed her paintings were actually really good. We always support artists here at theCHIVE and I can't think of anything better than mixing art with sexy photos of the artist herself; mixed media, win win.

Brittney not only paints private commissions (info on that right here) but she's giving away a limited edition Johnny Cash print to whichever Chiver tweets her the funniest question today. Be creative, no rules, just don't be crude.

Brittney's Twitter machine right here.

Brittney’s Twitter Machine.

If you’re interested in seeing more or commissioning Brittney, click here.

  • stabeezy

    #18 i want to party with this girl. gorgeous and talented, and cool as all hell. sold.

  • jaxx

    Can we get her to paint a picture of "The Usual Suspects" , especially the line-up?

  • Lou

    Wow on alot of levels

  • @Speedstripe

    Her work seems very graphic. They could make for great T-shirt designs, but as stand alone works they don't seem to have anything to say, and no other thought behind them.
    I'm all for supporting artists, and I say, if these works float your boat, buy them.

    But before you do, educate yourself in the arts a little, before you part with your money.
    Some really great work can be found from fine art graduation exhibitions.

  • st33

    LOVE the Hendrix guitar. I through my credit card at the computer, but nothing happened.
    Also #8, Wow.

  • Ispeakchive

    I'm not a hater, but those aren't even free hand pieces!! Just because she's hot doesn't make her art amazing

  • Dave

    Less art more tits

  • Bob

    #18 and #19…Love these two.

  • DB3

    she wasn't hot before , but now she is .

  • Mario V Tellez

    # 2 paint one Of my guitars!!!! How much?????

  • Rich Graff

    She is a very gifted artistand a very beautiful woman. A perfect "10".

  • Shawn

    Does she sell her pieces…..of ART? Seriously! I want the Johhny Cash!

  • TurdFerguson

    Yo – if this girl wasn't smokin' hot….

    Sorry, her work is average – be careful to throw around the word "amazing". Amazing body, yes.

    Dislike all you want – but all this looks like is "junior in high school painting images she found on Google."

  • arealcad

    I don't know art but I know what I like


    Look's like Arianny has to find another talent to keep up with this hottie!

  • The dude

    There’s a lucky guy out there that gets to wake up next to her. Props Dude.

  • Bob

    #8 she is a work of art

  • fNawesome


  • ang3lflow3rs

    Awesome prints! ^O^ ❤

  • steve stoic

    Great art? Not so much. Great Rack? Oh boy I'd buy that for a dollar.

  • Steve

    Umm Brittney, who is your dentist?


    #6 #28 I'm diggin the Most.

  • Anon

    Mediocre fan art at best

  • the devil

    I would imagine most UFC viewers would look at her and say she's untalented because she can only be a ring girl…and here she is showing off some decent artwork. Awesome work, Chive, for showing us the hidden talents of someone.

  • Sirgallahad

    Absolutely BRILLIANT stencil work dear.


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