Cats in wartime: We couldn’t of done it without them (30 Photos)

  • Rico Paulson

    seeing cats in the ww1 trench pics, is actually kinda sad. you know those cats probably died, considering the mortality and injury rate were disgustingly high. with the shelling, gas attacks, men were not safe, let alone a kitty.

    • PDiddily420

      Good thing they have nine lives.

  • hooperdrivestheboat

    have* you're better than that, the chive

  • boob_cuddle

    This post is bs. Soldiers and puppies is correct.

  • Cat
  • kdaniellesu10

    All right, I think John realizes he made a spelling error by now.

    Aside from that, these photos are awesome.

  • Boss hawg

    I kno from experience the number one thing men at war want is a nice pussy

  • Kator

    For the love of all things holy it's "couldn't HAVE"!!!!
    You're hurting me right in the grammar, Chive.

  • Obviously

    Seems you couldn't of upset more people with your bad grammar

  • Stick

    Never mind the dogs that actually were tried to do shit during wartime.

    • Stick

      *trained, rather

  • Kodos


  • Dazed

    So many catastrophes!

  • etcrr

    so hot thank you for your service

  • DDan

    the cats served a purpose, not just as companions; have been used to keep mice and rat population down, especially in trenches, bunkers, and other places.

  • JJonas

    Yeah, cats didn't really help those in pics 19 and 26, since both are pictures of troops from the Wehrmacht.

  • 11Bravo

    Cats during war = meal on four legs

  • stonewall_79

    #26 The best pic for me.

  • Beeker

    …couldn't HAVE done it…
    C'mon Chive, you can be better than that.

  • Nicnac

    TheChive is hiring a text editor, specifically to check thread titles… LOL

  • Nicnac

    Now let's have one about dogs in war starting with Smoky:

  • voltviking

    Wow, I guess that chivers are all english professsors, who gives a shit if hey said "of" instead of "have". Just KCCO

  • Dude

    The cats probably started the wars to begin with.

  • Woozle

    Number of times I said "awww": 30
    Number of fucks I give about minor grammatical errors on the Chive: 0

  • Amanda Wright

    I love how these guys are just chillin holdin some cats!

  • chesterdrawers

    #24 EL CHE!

  • JesusD

    "Couldn't of"? Really? Wow. I thought all of us Chivers were an educated bunch. You just lost a lot credibility, Bob. And Chive as well.

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