Chivers adopt and rehabilitate a brave dog that was on the brink of death (11 Photos)

  • Enrique

    I love my dog and I also love the people that give these dogs a better life! Thank you!

  • Mateusz Leciej

    My dog has the exact same duck toy. Does the exact same thing with it in his paws too. That's awesome what you did for him though.

  • Krissy

    I'm in full support of adopting pets from shelters. There are so many in shelters just waiting for a home. And I think pet stores are just awful!
    I adopted my cat Evie just over 6 years and she's been the best company! When I had surgery after dislocating and breaking my ankle, she never left my side as I hobbled about my apartment. I can't wait to adopt a dog when I have more time to show one the love and care they deserve!

  • Bruce Giordano

    Way to go Morgan! I think your spirit embodies most of us here.

  • Terwilliger

    I'm on my third rescue so far. She wasn't quite as skinny as Jagger but she was close. Shes been the best dog I've had. She came fully trained strait from being a stray.

  • Trainwreck08

    A dog is the only thing in this world that loves you more than it loves itself.

  • sweet eklablog

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  • cait

    Thank you every one who rescues! This makes me happy beyond reason!

  • felicia gadison

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  • Houdini112

    I'm sitting here whit tears in my eyes.
    I've adopted two dogs,one from Spain and one from The Netherlands .
    Seeing a dog like yours brings back the memory of how they looked like when we got them.
    Thank you for giving a dog a second chance .

  • rich clark

    that is wonderful … cant say it enough … good for you guys and i hope you get the wonderful karma that goes with doing something that good … and look at his grin in that one picture .. outstanding!!!

  • Cinco

    Jagger is awesome! I’m so glad you guys gave this deserving pooch a second chance at life. This is why I LOVE The Chive. KCCO!

  • lllllll

    I should have known not to click on this <sniffle> We adopted a pup earlier this year from a rescue shelter. He has been a great addition to the family. I encourage all to take a chance on a dog like Jagger. It's amazing how much a dog's smile can brighten your day. And all a dog wants is some love in return.

  • Latrina Hierholcer

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  • Renegade5399

    If you abuse an animal, you in turn need the same treatment. If the punishment for tying a dog to a fence with no food and water is the exact same treatment, I'm willing to bet it would not happen as often. You are a good person for adopting this wonderful being and bringing him back to 100%.

    And by the look of that tongue, I can see what you mean by "submerged in his love"! Holy cow!

    You guys KCCO and enjoy many happy days together!

  • Beckee Brown

    TY for sharing this story, though I couldn't get the past few lines before crying. It sickens me to know what people do to animals. Thank you for showing that there are kind and wonderful people like you who take the time and give the love to such a helpless animal. All my animals have been adopted from a shelter or takin in from others who were going to take them to the pound. Jagger is a lucky dog and looks so healthy and happy. Animals are amazing creatures and so forgiving and accepting.
    I hope your story inspires others to rescue any animal. KCCO!

  • exceptionalartisan

    You are so right about how intensely a rescued dog loves its humans. We have rescued three so far and the feeling you get when you bring that little one home is indescribable. They know you saved them and are so grateful for another chance at life.

    Our latest rescue of give years just succumbed to heart failure–a condition we were aware of when we adopted him. Charlie was one of the most gentle dogs we have ever know despite living with two canine sister that are absolutely batty.

    Every night he would plaster himself up against e as I watched TV or read a book–the ultimate couch potato. I cherish each memory he gave us.

    You have so many memories ahead with Jagger and your love for him will be returned dozen-fold. I' m sure that's probably not a valid word but I don't care because in this circumstance it fits. Good luck and happiness with your fur kid.

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