Girls I can’t see clearly are a wonderful tease (31 photos)

  • Joobs

    alright, who has the rest of #16?

  • PumaBalls

    #24 moar!!!!

  • Boom

    Amazing post chive!!!

  • Matt

    #2 Holy SHIT!!!!

    • jallen

      ^ Second

    • CaptMike

      ^ third

    • Clint Bozic

      Ummm, that's a vagina. Niceee

      • Mr_Taco

        ^That's a virgin

    • Tomas
      • Edwin Lopez

        thank you for saving me the trouble of google lol…. ^ link full of win

  • Walls

    @20: clearly that kitchen hasn’t seen a woman in ages

    • guest


  • borisborov

    Oh, hell yeah.

  • Doda

    #20 lol

    • Blah blah

      Got me too, had to double take.. scroll?

    • Kevin Hutchings

      Where's my sandwich?

    • Growl

      I don't get the joke. Is there an invisible woman….?

      • Cecil

        There is a reflection of a mostly naked woman in the stove.

        • ps86

          ORRR… it's a pun relating the gallery title to the fact that there SHOULD be a woman there… you know, cuz it's a kitchen?

    • Nicknotatwork

      You can't see her cause she's finished making me a bacon sandwich extra bacon mmmmm

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #5 Cause red hair, and bewbs

  • whyme1973

    #5 #8 #28 Good God.

    • bdg

      You have impeccable taste!!!!! MORE

  • mnchivette

    good luck with the "find hers" and "moars"!

  • Turbodude

    Fit girls are so damn sexy……observe

    • Jason Andrew Derringer

      yes, that is for damn sure. She has some very sexy legs and a fine derriere. Find her now!

      • Boner_fied!

        I honestly thought that was LG.

    • James Ramos

      This single picture made my Thursday! Fawk!

  • AboutGorramTime

    Even as a girl I think I could probably look at #8 all day.

    • CaptMike

      As a guy, I approve of you looking all day

      • swany

        I 2nd that….I could look at the both of you all day

  • sjd

    Wow !!!

    • Romancipated

      my, my, my. looks like i found a delicious snack. Dont move, honey.

  • pa'ver

    #28 yes, please

  • Lucas J. Yothment

    I'm a newb… How do you put the pic in your comment?? Because #22 is smokin!!!

    • Lucas J. Yothment

      Lol.. Nevermind.

      • gmen

        laughed way to hard at this

    • Fred Garvin

      You can't. It's unpossible.

      • Nothing's Possible

        unpossible?? ok then

  • KyleGoldstein

    #16 boner jamz 2k12

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    #20 HA HA HA I See what you did there

  • Pom

    #11 nice bling…

  • Jackson


    always love this shot- that's why I always put the beer on the bottom shelf!

  • mustang6655

    #20 What am I missing?

    • dyrus

      troll level: Chive

  • etcrr

    #72 so hot thank you for your service is the one I choice

  • J. D. Rage

    #23 milk DOES do a body good!

    • iXOredheds


    • c-man

      holy crap your right she is drinking a glass of milk … cant say i noticed the milk in the pic

  • Jackson


    `smoking' hot! leaves some to the imagination, but what is visible is gapalicious!

  • JLAM

    #20 shouldn't there be a she in there?

    • dyrus

      taking the "Find Her" to the next level!

    • CaptainInsano

      It' a secret caption contest IMO

    • that guy

      hahaha clever chive, clever.

    • wally

      She's on the floor behind the island getting her throught tickled

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