I never knew tanning could be so creatively stupid (4 Photos)

  • Applefish

    He looks like a piece of Turkey Bacon.

  • Pro Death
  • CaptMike

    It's like a tattoo for someone with commitment issues

  • USA

    this should be on the hipster post.

  • ben

    virginity level 1,000,000,000

  • LuvsHorror

    A very soft canvas…

  • matt

    yeah those moles werent there before his art

  • Juju Bee

    Retarded fucking post

  • joyss sky

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  • Dave

    Dear God whats wrong with people these days. Sure, to each their own but I mean "come on"

  • Bob

    #3 stupid and tanned, lol

  • rem blog

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  • Zuke

    Man, fuck tanning. Why don't people take the time they spend tanning and spend it going for a walk/jog or something? Being healthy and in shape is far better for you and far more attractive in my eyes than any tan.

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