Like a hipster, I loved redheads before it was cool (38 Photos)

  • Bryan_W

    #6 Nothing better than a sexy redhead

    • In Love

      Somebody please for the love of life…..FIND HERRRR!!!!!

    • Iso

      Other than 38 sexy redheads.

    • vmx12

      #6 Wow. F'n wow….

      • David

        Stunning,very beautiful, muy bellisima wow

    • Clinton James Kelley

      Quite possibly the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in 2D. She's something else.

    • ShadowSpectre

      Is she a redhead? I am not 100% on the matter but I thought if the eyebrows were different that's how you tell if they just dyed their hair. She is still very attractive none-the-less.

  • Ibeenfarting

    #4 … RRR!!!! (Racist Redheads Rule!)

    • Meander

      Nice catch on that one, heh.

    • Bob

      SMH. That flag is not racist. Moron.

      • yeah

        i disagree . ask your local n**ger.

    • serious

      That's what you took from the photo? really? 2 cute Chivette's (not pro models) and all you can see is a tiny little flag?

    • Jbearr22

      I agree with bob do you think it's a kkk flag or something? And my local black person is about as intelligent about it as you are.

  • Still_Counts


    Whoa! Baby you're hotter than the bottom of my laptop ❤

    • @RyanMatthew54

      Nice shop job, look's like a persons head on a cartoon body

      • CaptMike

        I must be off my game this early morning, didn't notice until I read your comment… really bad shop job

    • Mr_Cellophane

      Dat Gap!

      • Anon

        Dat Photoshop!

      • MarthaJeane

        Is so shopped!

    • Paula_

      It's your own damned fault; YOU bought an Apple.

      Anywaysies…. lost for words… So many nice looking redheads I'd like to offer a free drink… ❤

      – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)

    • Mason Evans

      Your laptop must be really hot then

  • Chivin' Ed

    first!!!! luv me some red heads at midnight!!!!!

  • jchenabc

    #3 and #35 can take my soul ….

    • Mmm_Beer

      #3 Gaptasic!!!

    • fuetcrr

      if you had one. Jerry Sandusky doesn't have one either.

  • evan

    #37….but they all rocked!

    • rock

      i love you

      • evan

        assuming you're #37, lovin u too 🙂

  • mike

    D) All of the above…….

    • Underbaker

      DD I didn't know they made red heads in that size. #13

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #11 loving red heads can never be cool, because red heads are so damn hot.

    • Moe

      Find her!!!

    • Bob

      Wow. Killer legs.

    • Melody Jordan

      Melody Jordan here! I see my pic is up here! Glad u all love redheads! Check more if me out at and my twitter melodyjordanxxx NSFW!!!! Stay beautiful!

  • Kevin Tensfeldt

    Love some redheads in the morning

    • 385indogyears

      Mighty tasty looking gap…now I'm starving!!!

  • etcrr

    #6 #9 #11 #38 Beautiful, they could melt the polar ice caps

    • Paula_

      Why does seeing one of your comments ALWAYS make me go limp!?

      – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)

      • trl87

        It's sexless. Everyone would go limp.

      • etcrr

        Cause we all know you're an impotent Troll

        • Paula_

          Not the best of comebacks; it made me go limp again.

          – Fan Novel: (first comment thread)

          • fuetcrr

            hey paula- don't forget to yawn at posts from etcrr's newest account, jchenabc. His been posting as both jchenabc AND etcrr to make us all think he's not the same. Too bad his lame commenting skills are his cyber-fingerprints. Plus, he can't help deleting comments that get thumbed down.

        • etcrr

          Shut your hole stan

    • Bill57

      Good one Stan…you make it sound like they are good looking enough to be called hot and then if they went to the north pole or the south pole their temperature would be so hi it would melt the ice that they have on the noth pole and the south pole because they are wearing caps.

  • Lenoit

    #24 my god in heaven

    • Tim Gilding

      I'm hoping there's more to where this photo came from……..

    • Notme


    • Baxpin

      Find. Her. Now.

  • Joep Vd Made

    #38 natural redhead and makes my jaw drop..
    What a beauty 😀

  • Anthony Hernandez

    #24 I NEED MOAR!

    • PopeyesChicken

      Google "rookie babe bobbi" -> Google Images (NSFW)

  • RealZoo

    #6 #11 #15…Lovin' the red!!!

  • Ice Man

    #24 moar!

  • David Lawson

    #8 the love of my life

    • drewplp

      She is so adorable!

  • whyme1973

    #1 #6 #17 #24 Damn!

    • Chivette17


    • Jimmy C

      I'm surprised no one else posted about #1 before. She had me stuck for a while as well as #6.

  • Chester

    I like enormous natural jugggs

  • maboze1x

    #3 Nice gap "section". 😉 Tiny panties…

    • rob

      I second that! This is one of the nicest gaps ever to be on the chive!!

  • Mike

    #36 MOAR

    • $am

      ..although looking at this pic, all I can think of is Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Anonymous

    pic # 24 were or u located……………you are beautiful………………………………

  • bigbossman

    pic 24 were r u locatd ?????????????

  • noodle

    #13 looks fun

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Hell yeah

    • SteelHorseCowboy

      I love the pony tails…..

    • 1C451

      Looks amazing…

    • Gurudel

      FLBP … For anyone who gives her a piggy back ride.

    • AssHaterson

      Pigtails and big bewbs. Recipe for paradise.

  • network IT

    Would love to see moar of the ink on #5

    • khyzer

      Looks like an ad for a hooker… that i'd pay for

  • skippy

    need moar of #6 #11 and #35

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