Like a hipster, I loved redheads before it was cool (38 Photos)

  • 2012 news

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  • @slayerbill

    Weak set.

  • Jon

    Why doesn't the people of this site understand that a true ginger doesn't have brown, black or even fake red eye brows. Show some real gingers.

    • Samantha D Schmidt

      I am a true Ginger. #30 I have natural red hair and light blonde eyebrows and a billion freckles. I do agree tho, we need REAL gingers not the faux ones…

      • Michelle

        Just because you have different color eye brows doesn't make you not a real redhead. I have darker red hair and brown eye brows. And its sexy redheads, not just sexy gingers :]

  • Obe

    #1 #3 #5 #24 wow ladies you are all amazing it was tough choosing just four.

  • Mary Kate

    all of them.. I want them all

  • Buford

    Find this girl, she's the hottest in a long long time

  • Terrible_Tattoo

    #24 is the hottest! find her

  • MrMr

    #36 – Amazing.

  • noelmarquez

    #35 moar

  • Zuke

    See, the way I've always looked at it is that good looking redheads are a bit harder to find than other hair colors (I've read a number of theories regarding why having read hair can lead to greater stress on one's body, such as pheomelanin depleting certain chemicals that remove toxins, or mutations of certain genes but never anything definitive), but the ones that you do find that look good tend to look particularly so. I'm not sure if it's all in my head or not, but either way there's something special about fine red haired girls.

  • @Eswin17

    #6 Find Her

  • Bobby

    #17 Find her. Then make her Chivette of the week!!!

  • Sean

    Who ever said redheads weren't hot. My god

  • ramon

    MOAR #35

  • michel

    please find her she is a goddess # 35

  • i_ride_Nitro

    #31 could do all kinda things…
    #33 is amazing (even though you can see her moussy regrowth!!)

  • Anton Ross

    #31 – MOAR, please.

    Something about the girl in this image is so compelling.

    Lowcountry Chiver addicted to gingers.

  • Dick

    #6 ……….. No words…….

  • TheMightyPig

    #38 Outstanding. You all cheer me up though 🙂

  • Pondo

    #1 I would marry you tomorrow for a honeymoon tonight!

  • Zac

    6,15,and 21. Nuff said.

  • David Fp

    Could look at #28 all day…

  • Jbearr22

    #6 #22 #25
    Gorgeous definitely love redheads

  • Chestervillanueva

    My god these girls r awesome!

  • bammer84

    #13 looks like she would work hard for it 😉

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