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    Yessir! God bless 'Merica and the freedom we have here to act like idiots if we choose! Go ahead and make fun of us you tea sipping Limey's, your welcome in my country anytime for some food with taste and women without snaggle teeth! Oh, and for Alec the author who is ashamed of us……GTFO and do NOT Chive On!

    • heywood jablowme

      'you're' welcome.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marc.para.96 Marc Para

      Unfortunately you are abusing that freedom my friend. Your country provides us Canadians with countless hours of entertainment.

      Chive on brother!

      • Lunch_Box

        Don't even try it Canada boy, I know quite a few Canadians, Canada is basically the light version of the US. The title of the video could have just as well been THE WORLD IN 2 MINUTES – CANADUH!

        Chive on!

        • http://www.facebook.com/marc.para.96 Marc Para

          The only good thing in 'merica is the XL pipeline.

          Chive on

          • Lunch_Box

            Your going to have to do better than that.

            • http://www.facebook.com/marc.para.96 Marc Para

              I'm pretty sure you have at least the slightest inclination of how truly 'poor' your country has become. No need for me to rub it in.

              Have a great day!

              • Lunch_Box

                Really, I expected more from you, the Canadians I know are better than that. I guess there is always an exception to the rule.
                Enlighten me on how truly poor my country has become, please, rub it in.

                • Lunch_Box

                  Lori and Marcel,

                  If your reading this (I know you practically live on here Marcel) you know I have nothing against Canada, just people that attack the US for no real reason.

    • P90

      Using 'Limey' as an insult proves your retardation, also the Brits officially have the healthiest teeth on the planet.

      But hey if you wanted my comeback you can wipe it off of your mothers teeth.

      • Ceejay

        THAT is all.

      • Lunch_Box

        No, your reply doesn't show your own retardation at all, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    • Preacher

      The patriotic dick-waving is fine, I've come to terms with the fact I can't stop my fellow Americans from embarrassing us that way. What upsets me is the unprovoked attacks that commonly go hand-and-hand with it.

      I sincerely hope you're trolling, but if not it's people like you that make me wish I was born elsewhere…

  • https://www.facebook.com/marcpoulin Marc Poulin

    They forgot to make fun of NASCAR.

  • vvv

    And that is what happens when you give people a lot of freedom and needless shit without the education to back it up….

  • Brian

    These are southerners. The people hooting and hollering as if this was a positive reflection of us are the same ones that tried to secede from the Union. They are morons and I am irritated the Chice would post something as a reflection of America without putting "southern" or "redneck" in front of it. There are still many of us in this country that think these people are idiots too.

    • Brian


  • Crazy87Hair

    HEY!! I've been to that town!!

  • Troy Larsen

    So theres a good video of the south, now how bout other states that arent filled with fat moronic retards.

  • DW1

    Except the guy in the eating contest at 1:17 an earlier is "Furious Pete", a CANADIAN!

  • Bw11

    World: despite what you have seen in this video, we are not just a bunch of fat, unintelligent rednecks.

  • Kzo

    Haha, videos like that can be made in every country, if you look just a the crazy or weird stuff.
    Of course America is one of the best, but imagine what you could do with Japan for example 😀

    But WTF at 1:35 ???

  • heywood jablowme

    I find this video really difficult to fap to. Not Chive worthy.

  • Hrdwood

    Despite the stupidity, I'm proud to live in a FREE country that allows it. If it hadn't been for all the risk takers and gun toters, we probably wouldn't have won the two world wars.

    • Vladimir

      Seeing as you never won world war two u came and helped…. Then took all the credit.
      Russia and the Brits won ww2

      • Turbodude

        You"re goddam right we helped and in a BIG way Vlad. There is a lot of American blood on your soil so my response would be something like… fuck you !

      • Cap'n 'Merica

        There's a reason we came and helped. You couldn't handle it on your own. You're welcome.

        • P90

          Neither could you, the allies won WW2 not just the US.

  • Aurora01

    This was like a two-minute episode of America's Funniest Home Videos.

  • William

    One thing for certain, we know how to have fun!

  • http://twitter.com/nickinwarcal @nickinwarcal

    East of the Mississippi and south of Ohio in 2 minutes*

  • Joe

    Ha that was my platoon training at 1:42.

  • Cinders

    Yea this is definitely redneck 'merica. But I bet if they made a visro for the UK it would be dudes in pubs, soccer hooligans and the Spice Girls.

  • Stick

    Apparently the United States is only the south, now.

  • stickeys

    Does anyone know were I can find more video of the hoola hoop girl about 18 seconds into the clip?

  • JeanGuy

    'merica is retarded

  • MadManBC

    Its easy to put together 2 min of hate for anybody or anything. That’s why it was so short. To see real ‘mericans’ scroll up and see what we can do when we are trying(Chivers adopt dog on the brink of death). Liberals or conservatives, Tea party members or Wall St. occupiers, we can be good and we can be evil. But to take a little snipit of life and say this is America is shameful after all The Chive is merican is it not.

  • Kevin

    We're all fucked.

  • Bob


  • carl net

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  • Rexo

    Dagnabit! Muricans sure has fun. Lol.

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