One of the most lethal weapons on the battlefield: AH-64 Apache (30 HQ Photos)

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  • bob

    Apaches. Boooooooo go blackhawks! And also 1ST!!

    • new001

      Congratulations!! You are our number 1 douche of the day!

      • bob

        Why thank you. If only you could see the amount of fucks i give about your comment. Wait… i cant see them either because i have no fucks to give. Chive on fuck face.

  • Brockster

    Chuck Norris is driving that

  • NonBrit

    It is a DEATH MACHINE.

  • Mike D

    Tax dollars spent wisely for once

  • Yaya

    Why are they putting that here??? If I wanted to see army crap I would go straight to brigade grrr

  • Dan the man

    That's worth a 9 kill streak in Call of duty MW3

  • Lima

    – "Sir, our soldiers are under heavy fire out there. They are requesting support. Should we send an Apache?"
    -"No, we can't! No one has gotten nine kills in a row yet."

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